Bushman’s Bear Claws Review

Forum member, and longtime friend of mine, Blieb, offered up his review of the Bushman Bear Claws. Thanks a lot dude! Some WKC Shwag is in the mail for you!!


A while back, I scored some Bushman’s Bear Claws – Meat Handling Forks. At $1-5, they’re a hell of a value. At $10 I would not be disappointed. MSRP $26? No.

Pulled pork is a go-to cook for me because it’s tasty, cheap, and forgiving. You can get away with temperature glitches during the cook without having to throw away the meat or perform the heimlich maneuver while a guest chokes on a chunk of dry meat. When a pork butt is properly cooked, the collagens and connective pieces break apart while the meat itself remains tender and most. Connective tissue breakdown is critical when it comes to pulling. I typically cook at 250 degrees until internal temperature is 197-202 degrees. Another method to test would be a fork twist or probe test. I like to let the meat rest up to an hour before pulling. In the past I used a couple forks or my hands to pull pork. Both methods are a little messy and it can be time consuming (speaking relatively).

Bushman’s Bear Claws are made out of tough plastic that is FDA approved, BPA free, and heat resistant to 450f. Having pulled more than a dozen butts with these, I can say that the materials are durable. My biggest concern was that the tips would dull or chip. The claw tips remain sharp and they have not chipped or dulled. They claws are lightweight and easy to use. The underside of the claws is hollow, which makes them a little tougher to clean, however, they are dishwasher safe. With big hands, I recommend using gloves – sometimes my knuckles can hit the meat because my hands are close to it.

I enjoy using these claws to pull meat that’s hot to the touch, pierce crust, and distribute for a good blend. At the proper price point, I highly recommend them!



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    Great review and video Blieb – thanks man!

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