Review :: Silicone Grilling Bands

Tired of painstakingly tying your roasts, tenderloins and veggies? Today we’ll have a look at a new product that might just solve that problem!


Silicone Grilling Bands are essentially high-heat elastics that you can use in place of butchers twine. The particular brand I am testing out, “Architec”, say they are good up to 600° and are safe on the grill, in the oven or microwave, or even for deep frying.


For the test run I decided to use them on some of Troy’s prosciutto provolone asparagus. I simply wrapped up a few twigs of gus’ with the cheese and meat and then doubled up the elastic and slipped one on either end to hold things together. The elasticity of the bands is just about perfect and it allows you to really customize the size and make it work for your application.


Here they are on the grill. The heat seemed to have no effect on the bands whatsoever:


Final Verdict: I found these little bands very handy and would definitely recommend them. They slid right off after the cook and you can just stick them in the cutlery tray of the dishwasher and they come out good as new!

I am curious to see how many cooks they will last if taken care of… I have a feeling it’s many 🙂


There are a few different brands out there but these particular bands can be found here:
Architec Silicone BBQ Cooking & Grilling Stretch Bands / Food Ties – 20pk

Give them a shot!


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