It’s Turkey Time! Turkey Tips for the Weber Grill!


Cooking a turkey on a Weber kettle is something many grillers aspire to do, and with Thanksgiving upon us what better time to have a look at a few amazing Turkey cooks and tutorials!

Planning your cook is crucial to a successful bird, so take the time to think out the whole process and ensure you have all the tools and ingredients required to complete the task efficiently. Taking only a few minutes to do this will not only speed up the whole preparation process but also ensure nothing important has been overlooked causing you headaches at go-time.

Weber recently published some excellent information regarding Turkey clearance heights:

“Clearance heights from the grate to the top of the lid leaving space for circulation.”

Charcoal grill size Clearance  Max weight
18.5″ 5″ 10.5 lbs
22.5″ 7.5″ 21 lbs
26.75″ 8.5″ 24 lbs
37.5 9.5″ 25 lbs
Smoker size                                   Upper cooking grate Lower cooking grate
14.5″ 7.5″ 5.5″
18.5″ 9.25″ 7″
22.5″ 10.75″ 8″


For the complete blog post click here:

Stuffing is EVIL!
Alton Brown has taught us well. Avoid stuffing your turkey, no matter where or how you are cooking it. Stuffing adds mass, mass adds cooking time, cooking time dries out the meat. Essentially the stuffing will need to be cooked to 165 because it’s absorbent and it’s been in contact with raw poultry. To get the stuffing to 165, the rest of the turkey will be significantly MORE than 165 and overcooked. If you cook the bird until its perfectly cooked, the stuffing will be UNSAFE to eat.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Everyone!!

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  • Craig Link Reply

    Great write up, Matt! I find I’m going through my old posts and looking at some of my own as well as other’s turkey cook’s. It’s like the WKC equivalent of a coach watching film before the next game.

    • matt Link Reply

      HaHa, very true! Gotta give yourself the game-day pep-talk! It’s Turkey Time!

  • JDD Link Reply

    Thanks Matt! I just jumped on the site for some quick tips before I put the bird on. Just what I needed.

    • matt Link Reply

      You’re very welcome! I learned a ton just organizing the links and hope to put it to good use on my first kettle Turkey today! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ed hase Link Reply

    Year 28 for the turkey in the Weber…
    My best tip is… make sure you heat up the grill to cookig tempature before putting it on, cleans out all the tastes and smells left over from whatever has been cooked last.

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