WKC Posts of the Week, April 21-28

Stop posting!

I’m trying to collect POTW and it seems like I cannot keep up! And there are some interesting things to see, like Jeff’s fire blower.DSCF9879_zpsf720af3f

Just kidding, of course. Post away! I’m just surprised by the activity in Trading Post on a Monday morning. On the other hand, Recipes has not had a new post in days. And I’m stymied by Food Pr0n because discussion there tends to spread over weeks and makes it hard to classify as POTW. I’ll just do the best I can to pick out the highlights and encourage you to peruse the forums to see what interests you. And be sure to check out Introduce Yourself and say hi to our new members.


Jeff’s Miracle Fire Maker
harris92 is looking for corn ‘ taters
Jeff adds a blue MT to the family
ramcharger1979 pulls the trigger on a brand spankin’ new 26
harris92 scores an old 1880 WSM in need of rescue
Ken Mc marvels at all the Webers listed in Oregon
jamesnomore scores a blue SS Performer
lemisfits wants to part in (opposite of part out) a new 26

Mods & Restorations

5820Jeff’s Rescue or blasphemy?
Winz’ Westerner Ash Pan Repair
Hogsy starts a mod/resto on a green SJG

Kettles & Accessories

ramsfam wants giant rib racks
jwc starts a discussion on blue kettles
pbe gummi bear asks “Anyone NOT have the urge to cook on a daisy wheel?/Does this make me a bad Grillfella?” (answer is Yes!)
Andy asks about the quality of new vs. vintage kettles.
ndtechie05 asks about the vents on an older 18
AnakiMana asks for help spending his money on Weber stuff
mirkwood points out a Weber video where they taunt us with a blue WSM
MartyG posts a preview of an updated vent code poster 


DirectDrive’s thread on kettle pizza continued
1buckie shows  us how to make Surf ‘n’ ‘Turds
Cuda Dan catches us up on his St. Patrick’s day cook (from last year!)

General Awesome/Unclassifieable Threads

pbe gummi bear asks Do you suffer Weberitis?
Literary talent!
Shameless plug for the new T-shirts
tb80 wonders what means “MBH” (hint: check the glossary for all of our secret codes!)
ramsfan points out an old lime F/S in Kansas City MO

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