Announcement: WKC Regional Subscribers

The Weber Kettle Club has grown to proportions unexpected by all.

This is exciting and fantastic in regards to our mission statement: The goal and purpose of the WKC to be the ultimate resource and community for all things relating to Weber charcoal grills.

One shining element of this growth is the friendships and camaraderie that have developed. Members are organizing their own local WKC chapter meetups, recruiting new members, making local trades, and sharing knowledge and expertise more than ever.

In an effort to encourage more of this, the Weber Kettle Club is introducing “private” forums for local and regional specific topics (like super rare grills found on craigslist.)

Any city or region with an active member base will have a forum category created for them.
Each of these forums will non-public – only WKC subscribers will have access to these regional forums.
We’re not putting a price on subscriptions at this point. Any donation or WKC shwag purchase will automatically make you a subscriber for 12 months.

Any user who has purchased or donated this year will automatically be subscribed. Later in the year, subscribers will also gain new features that non subscribers do not have.

To make this happen, the WKC forums will be upgraded to VBulletin. Migration plan is in the works. We will do our best to keep downtime to a minimum. If it takes more than a day, I give you permission to kick me in the jimmy.

In the meantime – BLUE logo WKC shirts and WKC wooden handles are available for preorder HERE! Go order some and help keep the WKC website running!

Onwards and Upwards.

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