WKC Posts of the Week March 24, 2014

Welcome spring! I am proud to announce the first annual (or when we feel like it) WKC NorCal meet!!!!!!!!!!!!! This event has been in the works for years and I promised this one should NOT BE MISSED. Come see how “Team Cali” does bbq in the sunshine. WKC First Annual NorCal Meet 2014

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Another  26″ roti and MBH showed up on ebay. Do you think it’s worth the asking price of $500? Check out vintage 26.75″ MBH and roti grill on ebay.

Weber 26 rotisserie

WKC Posts of the Week March 24, 2014


Landgraftj raids NOS at Ace.
Argentflame scores a Ranch Kettle for $250
Happy cooker score and discussion
Vintage Wok and discussion

Restorations & Mods

Good discussion on Ash Sweep updates
Dazzo Granite Weber Performer table


Winz inaugural cook of the Bizbee Performer , Pulled pork, and Frito pie
1Buckie and MaxBobcat cook with sauce
THUNDERDOME does tritip
amesnomore Teriyaki beef on a korean bbq insert
HankB veggie cook
wyd bunch of food pr0n
1Buckie makes a pie


General Awesome Threads

Is the new CB Blue actually Blue or Purple? Grillfella color comparisons get ridiculous
Where do you store your Weber(s)?
Golly builds a trailer
A grillfella reviews a local bbq joint
WKC fuzzy feelings thread

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