1964 Weber Fireplace Covered Barbecue Kettle

Listed here is the 18″ Weber Fireplace Barbeque kettle owned by club member Ed Reilly. This is certainly one of the more unique Weber products that a WKC member owns. This was introduced in 1964. Features of this grill included the following:
– Inner and outter dampers to regulate heat for a full range cooking controls
– Scientifically spaced dual grill grates needing no adjustments. Cooking grates lock into position.
– Rugged iron stand with satin finish brass plated columns and finials
– Decorative walnut handle

This Fireplace came in an 18″ and 23″ diameter with your choice of Jet Black, or Red. Prices ranged from about 40.00 for the 18″, to 55.00 for the 23″ model.

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