WKC Posts of the Week November 18, 2013

We’re more than halfway through November and Thanksgiving is almost here. Have you thought about what you wanted for Xmas or Hanukkah wish list? Get some ideas here: WKC Holiday wishlist If you’ve been bad, maybe you’ll even get lumps of coal! and who knows, maybe Santa is watching 😉



Here at Weber Kettle Club out motto is “Rescue – Restore – Respect” There’s no better feeling that picking up a beat up kettle, getting it back its glory, and then cooking some delicious food on it. Check out this inspiring Wood Dale restore from Member OGlenn – Red 22.5″ Daisy wheel restore And it’s red! This is what we’re  all about folks! Here’s the finished product. This grill is almost 60 years old, folks!



Have you been bitten by Weber fever (scientific name: Weberitis)? Do you have too many kettles than you know what to do with and don’t now where to put them for the winter? Get them tucked away better than a squirrel packs its nuts and check out the “How do you store your kettles in the winter?” thread. Member Big B takes the award for ingenuity with his trophy style wall mounted kettles:


POTW Nov. 19. 2013


LightningBoldtz cleanup of extremely rare NFL Master-Touch. and putting it away Too bad its a “Lions” Grill. I kid, I kid. 😛
BobBQ bunch of accessories and a SJ Simpsons. Who said you can’t score good deals on eBay?
Kako5256 ‘Cado score courtesy of Argentflame
Argentflame and Kako5256 18.5″ OTG Teamwork, then hilarity ensues


Gunner and Zavod44 red MBH teamwork
Maceggs, Redhead restore finale


BigRix Spares on the 22.5″
Aawa kettle fried chicken, and some hot n’ fast pulled pork
HankB Turkey on the roti

General awesome threads

Saxart DIY Discada pan
Bman WSM in a WSM pepper stout beef
Jocool DIY gourmet grate insert
Good discussion on portable windbreaks

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