Weber Kettle Club Posts of the week Nov 11, 2013

Greetings! It was a slower week here at WKC as it gets colder in the northern part of the U.S. Don’t put your kettles away quite yet! We will be putting together some information on cooking when it’s cold so you can enjoy that ‘cue through the winter!

We have also added ads and an Amazon banner to the site at the bottom of the page. We know that noone on on the internet prefers ads, but our goal is to keep the site accessible yet have the ads to offset our overhead. Putting the ads at the bottom is the least intrusive option. It doesn’t take any extra work to support the site. To help the WKC, you can click through the Amazon banner at the bottom when making purchases. Even better, you can save the following link to your bookmarks bar. Whenever you shop, you are helping keep the lights on here at the WKC:

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There’s a little over two weeks to Thanksgiving. Are you ready to cook that Turkey?


Duke Americana cook
Prof. pulled pork
Eapples and great discussion on fitting a beercan chicken in a kettle
Aawa epic cheese smoke
MINIgrillin 26’r cook
Eapples cooking wings discussion
Experiments in cooking chocolate chip cookies
M mmm brisket and baking
AZ_MIKEY brisket on a 26’r
OoPEZoO pizza and brisket


Harris92 Woodard cart restored
Argentflame how to clean kettles and WSM discussion
Gunner red MT
MINIgrillin Seville update


Kako5256 and an EZ-que roti  and first cook on red SS
Vader06 grey SJ score
Argentflame SS Genesis score
mcgolden scores landgraftj’s super clean 18.5″ 

General awesome threads

Ken Mc and double decker grate options
Steve Raichlen’s  bbq on deck
Great discussion on cooking with basketsWeber Euro skewer set
Hogsy posts a Weber Aussie catalog from the 90’s


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