Using a remote thermometer on a rotisserie

One of the challenges in using a rotisserie is how to obtain the internal finish temperature of what is being cooked. The usual method is to calculate an estimated finish time, then begin probing the meat about 1/2 hour earlier with a thermometer until the desired finish temp is reached. This works but requires turning off the motor and lifting the lid, which lets out heat and lengthens the cook time. Here is an easy way to incorporate using a remote thermometer with your rotisserie.

First you’ll need a rotisserie spit bushing. The 5/16″ size (BU-1B) allows for the temp probe wire to be easily threaded through and then slipped onto the spit rod.

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Thread your probe wire through the bushing.

Slip the bushing onto the spit, sliding it up the spit rod until it is over the groove in the rod, closest to the handle. The bushing will take the place of the groove on the rod that sits on the rotisserie ring.

The forks and your meat or poultry can then be placed onto the spit rod.

Your thermometer sending unit can then be taped onto the handle with no kinking of the probe wire. I would recommend using blue painters tape as the duct tape left adhesive residue on my Smoke unit that had to be cleaned off. Thick rubber bands can also be used to secure it to the handle.

Taping the unit to the handle works great but I came up with a pretty easy mod for attaching my Smoke unit to the rotisserie handle. The back of the Smoke unit has really powerful magnets.

Using a piece of 5″x 7″ galvanized step flashing, I made a metal tray that attaches to the rotisserie handle. The step flashing can be found at Home Depot or any hardware store. First trace the Smoke onto the step flashing.

Then using tin snips, cut the two corners, allowing the flashing sides to be bent upwards and the end flap downwards. Then drill an appropriate size hole in the end flap, so the tray can be attached via the counterweight bolt.

I don’t put the tray on until after the spit is placed on the rotisserie ring with the charcoal lit. It only takes a few seconds to attach the tray, plug in the probe and set the Smoke on the tray. The counterweight can still be used if needed as with large turkeys that tend to be unbalanced. Cost of this mod was .52 cents for the step flashing at Home Depot.

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  • John Christensen Link Reply

    That is an awesome mod!


  • Bob BQ Link Reply

    Phenomenal solution! Thanks, Jim!

  • Joseph Edwin Ball Link Reply

    Well done Jim, Nicely documented maybe I can figure out a way to do the same on the older spit rod

  • AJ Link Reply

    They make straight temp probes as well to avoid any possible kinks in the cable.
    Nice Work!

  • Cellar2ful Link Reply

    Great idea AJ. Coincidentally, Thermoworks currently has a sale on their probes.

  • Meater produces a wireless thermometer. I got the Meater+ for Christmas. It’s loaded with really cool features and works just as they advertise.

    • stefan wild Link Reply

      Not true, I got the meater + and the probe lost connection to the base after less then 2 hours. the customer service is a joke. Over 10 emails from them asking the same over and over again with no solution.
      Very expensive for a piece of …………….

  • Winz Link Reply

    The mod is very creative, great idea, thanks for sharing.
    Every time I land on the home page and see the picture of that bird, all golden brown, with nice spices it makes me hungry. Well done!


    • Cellar2ful Link Reply

      Thank you Winz. Coming from the creator of Bisbee, I appreciate the compliment.

  • Squ0nk Link Reply

    Shookmeister is correct – the neat, tidy and effective solution is the Meater probe. It is one of the few Kickstarter projects where I don’t feel ripped-off!
    The Meater + is worth the extra bucks over the standard Meater, but I doubt the wait for the block (2 years now and still waiting) is going to be worth it.

  • Joe Link Reply

    Great mod! One question, does it matter which direction you wind the probe wire around the handle? Thanks.

    • Cellar2ful Link Reply

      As long as the wire is threaded through the rotisserie bushing, it doesn’t matter which direction you wind the wire. The spit and everything attached turns/spins as a entire unit.

  • Garret Komjathy Link Reply

    Do you need to make any adjustments to the Weber rotisserie ring to ensure there is sufficient room for the bushing attachment?

    • Cellar2ful Link Reply

      No, no adjustments are necessary.

      • Garret Komjathy Link Reply

        Thank you for the prompt response. Going to buy this item now.

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