1973 Yellow Offset Handle Smokey Joe

When member Chiku18 alerted me to this Smokey Joe box with model number SJ-120, I searched through all the old catalogs and was intrigued when I couldn’t find that particular model number.  I just knew it had to be secured and documented by the Weber Kettle Club.  I’m proud to share with you the unboxing of a yellow offset-handle Smokey Joe.

Thanks to Harris92’s super-sleuthing, we believe this was made for 1973 based on the inconspicuous appearance on the alternate cover of the 1973 catalog; however, yellow (SJ-120) wasn’t listed as a color option for the Smokey Joes in the ’73 catalog, only black (SJ-100), red (SJ-130), and sage green (SJ-200).

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  • Don Goffin Link Reply

    I have the same yellow smokey mines chipped up and well used

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