New Statesmen Announcement

Winz and his Weber Westerner

Winz poses next to his ultra rare Weber Westerner

When I think of writing an introduction for someone, I begin to panic. I say to myself, what am I going to write? Will I screw it up? Did I leave something out? Then I remind myself that it’s not babies or medicine and that I can relax. So, with that said, it’s time to introduce our newest Statesman.

This man is the strong and silent type with just enough creative imagination to generate a vibe that can last for weeks.
Some of the things he does are just incredible. Sometimes so simple that you hit yourself on the head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

While I have never given any names to my grills, this man does it with the attitude that he’s launching the next battleship. It shows a passion for his work and creativity. When he sets his mind to it, it’s gonna get done! I often find myself thinking, what would he do?

He’s already done so much for so many. He brings his own special perspective that will never be duplicated by another. He’s one of those guys who would give you the shirt off his back or at least the grill in his truck! A real mans man as they say. Or in this case a real “Weber Man”.

He has a passion for many things, and by all appearances lives a simple life. But don’t be mistaken. What appears to be simplistic is really a guise for a complex weave of a life that revolves around a fantastic family and countless friends.

So, without further hesitation, I give you our newest Statesman, Jeff Winzler. AKA, “The Winz”. While I have never met him personally, I feel a kinship of sorts. It’s as if he’s always been here. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to the team. Jeff, what’s for dinner? All this writing makes me hungry. Glad you are here.

Jeff has already researched and documented the History of the Weber Ranch Kettle. He is committed to further history research and supporting other content and community needs for the Weber Kettle Club.

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