WKC Posts of the Week August 12, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of the WKC posts of the week (PotW). With over 400 members, it can be hard to keep up with everything going on. The PotW will go up every Monday to help you get through the week. If you like what you see- make sure to let the PO know by replying! PotW is based on content, discussion, and general awesomeness. I try to cover it all but there is way too much cool stuff to post in one sitting. To nominate a thread, either put up a reply or pm PBE Gummi Bear. Cheers!

Restoration threads:

AZ_Mikey’s Wow to polish the Weber ash catcher ring

New member Brickout’s Total Red SS Performer rehab

MaxBobcat and his Sweet Brownie Restoration 


landgraftj and his Jack Daniels Weber Kettle

A Really old, ~1954 Weber Kettle (prototype?)

WKC teamwork by Bluesman and MisterChrister leads to NIB Performer and Snap-on Smokey Joe score

Old red Wood Dale-

Cooking threads:

Craig pleasing his wife with pulled pork

MacEggs doin’ it big with cedar plank fish tacos

Dazzo doing pizza on a gas kettle (!)

Lightningboldtz rescuing a SJ for $10 then feeding a small army with burgers

jcnaz cooking up turds, wings, burgers, hot dogs, and condiments

General awesome threads:

Glrasmussen on a Wood Dale mission

14.5″ WSM 1888 Schematic leaked on Weber Website

DIY Weber wood handle bottle opener

Members showing off their new WKC stickers

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