WKC Statesmen named Weber’s Biggest Fan – Congrats Matt!

Weber Grill Collector - Weber's Biggest Fan

Matt (SixZeroFour) is featured in this Weber Canada video. They flew him to their HQ, wined him, dined him, taught him how to cook even better, and allowed him to make sweet love to every grill in their facility.

Last fall Matt O’Brien, a WKC Statesmen, blogger, community leader, and all around awesome guy, was chosen as Weber’s Biggest Fan. They sent camera crews to his house, powdered his nose, and captured footage of Matt in his natural offline habitat – cleaning, arranging, and utilizing his spectacular collection of Weber charcoal grills.

They also shipped him off to the Weber Canada headquarters where he was the very first human to experience the Canadian Weber Grill Academy. Celebrity Chef Michael P Clive taught Matt all of his super cool tricks and tips – as if Matt needed any education in grilling and bbq!

We’re super proud of Matt here at the WKC. He’s done amazing things for the club and the community. I personally cherish his presence and his friendship. And I’m totally envious of his amazing collection of Webers.

Keep up the good work, Brother!

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  • Jeff Boldt Link Reply

    A face that is made for radio, excellent job……

    • Mr Hoss Link Reply

      His dishes did look much better after his visit to the academy….even if his face stayed the same.

      I can’t think of a more deserving Canadian.

  • Winz Link Reply

    Weber could not have picked a more perfect guy.

  • Maxmbob Link Reply

    Great job Matt!

  • Josh (shafzilla) Link Reply

    Congrats Matt. Well deserved.

  • Scott (Scott Zee) Link Reply

    Matt, Congrats, I’m your biggest fan. Will you ship me up to you and teach me the ways of Weber, Obi-Wan Kettlenobi

  • bbquy Link Reply

    Congrats Matt! Great video! I’ll bet you had a blast!

  • Craig Link Reply

    Congratulations, Matt! Don’t go getting too famous for us! 😉

  • jcnaz Link Reply

    Great job, Matt!

  • congradulations Matt a beautiful collection of kettles. I bet you had an amazing time there at the Weber Canadian headquarters. I’m hungry!!

  • Congratulations Matt! Weber couldn’t have made a better choice. ☺

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