Order your WKC Hoodie!!

Available NOW! 10 days left to order!

Available NOW!
10 days left to order!

You asked, we delivered. Rather than use a printer, this time we’re using TeeSpring.com. They’ll handle the transactions, printing, and shipping.

We need to sell 20 hoodies in order for us to make the project worth it. The sale ends on February 13th, so get yours NOW!!


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  • Cliff Masters Link Reply

    What about us faithful dudes in the UK. You can ignore us forever!

    • Troy Link Reply

      Teespring ships worldwide 🙂

  • stephen Link Reply

    Why not go to a place like cafepress.com ? You upload your logo and they do the rest.you don’t have to come up with a minimum order like these guys.when you open the store, you choose what you want to sell.So if you want just shirts, you can do that.you want to sell a baby bib, you can do that too, with no minimum order. Please check this out.there are many others like this site too.

    • Troy Link Reply

      Because CafePress print quality is absolutely terrible and the ‘profit’ from items is SUPER low. Teespring actually screenprints.

      • Stephen Link Reply

        I wasn’t so much trying to sell CafePress. I was just suggesting a company that you can upload the logo and chose merchandise to sell.
        ie some people were asking for hats i saw.
        Looking over the teespring facebook page, seems the shirts are good quality.

  • Pat Link Reply

    WHen do the sweatshirts ship out?

  • What’s the charges of WKC hoodies ?

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