Early Smokey Joe

In researching for the Smokey Joe History page, a WKC member supplied us with these photos.  This is the earliest Weber Smokey Joe we have been able to document to date.  Clearly visible are the trademark metal handle attached directly to the vent and the early tripod leg configuration.  An amazing example of one of Weber’s kettles from the 1950’s!


photo 7

Early SJ-100

photo 9

Metal handle vent from an early SJ-100

photo 8

All metal lid from an early SJ=100

photo 5

SJ-100 vent configuration and tripod leg configuration

photo 3

50’s SJ-100 leg mount

photo 2

Early SJ-100 leg attachment

photo 1

SJ-100 Bowl vent (one of three)

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  • The Duke Link Reply

    That’s actually a 1960’s model. The fifties had a Chef’s Hat decal on the lid. I did the research when I owned the one pictured above.

    • winz Link Reply

      Thanks Duke. The Smokey Joe history page has been updated accordingly.

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