How to make a bacon weave

A good bacon weave is vital to any serious griller’s meat cooking arsenal. What better way to make almost anything more delicious, than to wrap it in little strips of heaven? … Am I wrong?

This quick guide will show you how to easily make a bacon weave big enough to cover a fattie – using 2 packs of store bought bacon. The bacon weave should take no more than 10 min to prepare and will soon have friends taking selfies beside your meat masterpiece 😉

*** Tip: Take your bacon out of the fridge 20 min before you start making the weave so that it softens up a bit and will allow you to stretch it more if needed. Throughout the bacon weaving process you will more than likely have to stretch and manipulate the bacon so that it creates the correct size weave for whatever you are wrapping. ***

How to make a bacon weave - step 1

Bacon Weaving: Step One:
Lay out a large piece of tinfoil or cling wrap as a work surface for your bacon weave. This will really come in handy later on when transferring the bacon weave over to your meat of choice. Next begin laying strips of bacon vertically.

making a bacon weave - step 1a

I like to use 10 pieces as it gives you plenty of length to wrap most anything.

Making a bacon weave - step 1b

Making a bacon weave: Step Two:
Lay a single strip right across the base layer of bacon you just set down. This is the starting point for your weave and will help hold the vertical strips in place while you weave the next strip in to place.

How to make a bacon weave - step 2

You now want to fold every second piece of bacon up and over the first horizontal strip as shown above.

making a bacon weave - step 2a

Step Three: Weave the Bacon
Lay in another piece of bacon just under the ends of the strips you folded upwards.

How to make a bacon weave - step 3

You then want to bring the folded over bacon back down into its original position but overtop of the strip you just laid down… you’re probably catching on very quickly now! Just be sure to alternate the rows that you fold up for each new piece of bacon added.

DSC07449 (Custom)

Step Four: Complete your Bacon Weave Simply repeat the process over and over until you have the weave completed! Soon enough you will end up with a sweet little blanket of goodness just like the one seen below:

How to make a bacon weave - step 4

And there you have it! A simple bacon weave that anyone can make in 10 minutes or less…

Tell me this is not an impressive way to serve up some Q!

Fattie with bacon weave

The possibilities are endless!!


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