WKC Posts of the Week Feb 10, 2014

Things are still kinda slow here at WKC with the cold winter going on but the forums heated up quite a bit this weekend. An original Weber Westerner- a 1960’s brown and white 26.75″ Weber kettle with two longhorn bull heads printed on the bowl showed up on eBay this Staruday! For many Weber lovers, this is the ultimate kettle grail due to it’s size and unique porcelain pattern. It’s a prime specimen in good shape and even includes what looks like an original Weber 26.75″ rotisserie kit and period correct cover. This is also the only 26.75″ roti kit we’ve ever seen.

This is the only Westerner that has been on sale/auction since Weber enthusiasts have started to congregate online at WKC and other bbq forums. Bidding is past $1000 already with over 5 days to go. If you want to jump in and guess how much it goes for, place your bets in the Westerner speculation thread. The owner has been nice enough to share additional pictures and the kettle’s story with us in the Trading Post. Check out the official eBay listing too. Since the kettle was in California or storage for most of it’s life, the porcelain and welds are in good shape. The only minor flaw with this kettle is that the wheels aren’t original.

Westerner with Rotisserie


Prof. has been on a roll with modifying his portable Weber’s. His creations include modding a Charcoal go anywhere for a smoker midsection,  kebab spacer, and a pizza ring for a 22.5″ I love the ingenuity! Find them here: Weber RotiPizza (WRP)Weber Kebabs Anywhere (WKA), and Weber Smoke Anywhere (WSA)




Last but not least, Valentine’s day is in 4 days. Did you already get something for your significant other? If not, consider making some bacon roses. That’s right, ROSES MADE OF BACON. Find out how to make them on ebaumsworld. Thanks for the tip, 1Buckie





bacon roses


Kendoll gets a pallet full of Webers, then waits to unpack it.
Dwnthehatch scores a 26.75″ from Walmart online at a deeeeeeep discount prices
5380Jeff scores a 70’s redhead with box
BigRix red MT Score
Dazzo scores a 22.5″ Woody 



Some SS Performer production info and wooden handle showoff
Tips on how to polish aluminum
rof. kettle mods Weber RotiPizza (WRP), Weber Kebabs Anywhere (WKA), and Weber Smoke Anywhere (WSA)


1Buckie link to cooking ribs around the world
Winz sunday turds
OoPez0O bunch of winter cooks
One Touch Platinum grape jelly meatballs
MaxBobcat makes a fatty
Jcnaz makes a turkey
Good discussion about making jerky



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