WKC Posts of the week – Jan 20 2014

Are we far enough into the new year so that writing 2013 on checks is no longer a problem? (Do our younger members even know what checks are? 😉 ) The polar temperatures in the US Midwest have left and been replaced by snow which will be replaced by more frigid temperatures in a few days. Meanwhile parts of Australia are being exposed to heat as high as 50°C (If you’re more familiar with the Fahrenheit scale you probably don’t even want to know how hot that is!)  Hopefully you have found conditions that allow you to grill wherever you are. Some cooks are listed below:


Picarib posted some recent cooks along with family pictures.
smoked his first spare ribs
landgraft celebrated his birthday with a cook on his 14 WSM.
swamprp exercised a rotisserie on his Smokey Joe.
vwbuggin64 meanwhile did some chicken on his SJ.
shayneh2006 did a couple turkey legs on the rotisserie. (Seems to be a lot of rotisserie action this week!)

Scores (And score wannabes)

lemisfits scored a “B” code 18 inch Brownie (w/ a bag of charcoal.)
MaxBbcat is working hard on scoring a 22 blue MBH.
This thread about a black lantern  may have turned into a group score of 4 yellow lanterns.

General awesome threads

pbe gummi bear’s chicken thread continues to draw discussion.
gunner started a discussion on modding an 18 kettle to a Jumbo Joe.
Winz did a partial restoration on a black MBH 22 for a friend.
Winz got a bunch of members to share pictures of their 26 kettles. (How hard was that! 😀 )

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