Weber 22″ Shish Kabob set

This is a Weber 22″ Shish Kabob set owned by WKC member Jeff. This cool accessory was offered as early as 1963 based on Weber paperwork. It came in sizes for the 18.5, 22.5, as well as the 26.5″ kettle. The 18.5″ came with 4 skewers, while the 22.5 and 26.5″ models came with 6 skewers. It was offered in Jet Black porcelain finish only. The spacer ring came with stainless steel skewers and heat resistant hardwood handles. The cost for this set was from 10.95 for the 18.5, and 12.95 for the two larger versions.

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  • Philippe Dandino Link Reply

    Looking for a 22″ S-26 Weber Shish Kabob Set

    • jeff Link Reply

      Hi Philippe
      This is a pretty rare item to find. It’s long since been discontinued by Weber. Yourself and MANY others are looking for one of these too. Best of luck.

  • Brian C Link Reply

    You could always just buy the weber rotisserie and modify it for kabob use as well?

  • Sarah Link Reply

    I found an 18.5″ one in a sealed box. It says S-25 on the box. I haven’t seen one with that before.

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