1995 EO-code SS Performer

MartyG’s first Performer, a $20 yard-sale find. I walked past a woman sitting near a pile of stuff, spotted the grill and asked how much. She said she had no idea but that her husband was off buying another damn lawn mower rather than helping her, so make an offer. I said $20, and she said “I’ll take it! It will serve him right for leaving me here alone and spending all our profit on broken lawn mowers!”

It was “in the truck” in a flash, and until recently was the workhorse of the kettle team in Pennsylvania. I recently did a thorough cleanup, added a new tank and regulator and it’s like new again. Like most of my kettles, KOA wood handles have replaced the originals. When I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii in 2000, I bought a few board-feet of the amazing stuff, and had Brian do his magic. Nothing like new handles to breathe new life into an old kettle!


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