1972 Weber Imperial Sequoia – Coppermist

Grill: 1972 Weber Imperial Sequoia – Coppermist

Owner: Jeff

Story: This is an Imperial Sequoia owned by WKC member Jeff.  This model shown is from 1972.  As Weber indicated in their brochures, “Weber establishes a new plateau in outdoor living by combining the beautiful Weber Kettle with redwood from the stately forest of northern California”
This grill was offered in red, avacado, coppermist, and black.  Various catalogs listed this grill to cost anywhere from 139.99 to 169.99.  This was quite a bit of money at this time for a bbq grill!  A mere bargain by today’s costs!

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  • 57Stuffies Link Reply

    I have a 1968 Weber-Stephen Imperial Sequoia “Bar-B-Q” wagon with avocado green kettle that I acquired in 1969. It is all-original, milled redwood, forged iron hardware, walnut handle and metal or ceramic wheels with white sidewall rubber treads. The aluminum vent label is marked “Weber-Stephen Products, Arlington Heights, Ill., Weber Bar-B-Q Kettle, Pat. Pending”. I will be offering it for sale on Craig’s List, Palm Springs area, later this month or in early March. This may be of interest to your Weber club members and hope you will pass this information on.

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