WKC Posts of the Week, August 19, 2013

Welcome to the second installment of WKC PotW. Summer is still in full swing and this past week we saw a number of ambitious rebuilds, lucky scores, and delicious cooks. Feel free to nominate threads by pm’ing Lawrence (pbe gummi bear) but more importantly reply to the original thread. Cheers!

Restorations and Mods

Ken_Mc’s shiny Blue MT

HankB’s Sequoia rebuild master thread

With a K’s 26’r folding table mod

Brickout’s Red SS rebuild update week of 8/15


Duke’s 70’s MBH Blue

Big B’s Red 18.5″ Easterner with side table

Harbormaster’s Recent scores, project and collection pics


There were alot of great cooking threads this week it made it really hard to choose- Check out the Food Pr0n and cooking and Grilling and BBQ sections for more great cooks.

Chasing_smoke’sPulled Pork dedicated to 1Buckie

MacEggs’s Cedar planked cod fish tacos

Kendoll’s Standing rib on the MT

Bluesman’s Peekle Burger!

LightningBoldtz smoking some cheese

Great discussion on brining and cooking a pork butt

General awesome threads

G’s Ruminations on Weber cooking grate quality

Bman’s Petition for a Cajun Bandit Kabob ring

Harris92 finding More pics of the ’54/’55 Weber kettle

Edhead35’s Pitmaster IQ rain box

MacEgg’s Chocolate Habanero





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