1962: Weber Grill History

1962 Weber Vent

This vent was in use from 1958 to 1964ish

**The 1962 Weber charcoal grill cannot be identified by the lid vent alone.**

The vent of a 1962 Weber will be a Wood Dale vent, with a squared tab. This vent was in use for several years without change.

The wheels will be 2″ wide steel hubs with real rubber tread. This is the first year these wheels were used, but certainly not the last.

The triangle will be the modern wire spoked triangle.

The ash pan will have U-shaped cutouts with swivel clips to latch onto the legs.

Determine Age: Confirm 1962
The key to identifying a 1962 will be the handle/vent orientation in combination with the wheels. However, this only applies to 22″ grills – 18″ grills are ambiguous.
On a 22″ 1962 Weber, the vent will be on the long side of the handle instead of on the short side. O| instead of —O

1962 Weber Catalog

1962 Weber Catalog

Weber Grill Colors Available in 1962

26.75″ Weber
– black/gray/silver (catalog shows a silver/gray kettle, but it may be lighting

– Jet Black
– Chestnut Coppertone
– Red
– Glen Blue
– Ambassador Yellow / Ochre Yellow

– Jet Black
– Red

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