Vintage Weber Grill Gallery

The Weber Kettle Club Community certainly owns more vintage Weber grills and vintage bbq accessories than ANY other community – now its time to showcase the pride we put into our motto.
Rescue. Restore. Respect.

If you’d like your rare Weber grill photos to be added to the gallery contact us or post in the forum!

Rarely seen: 1950's "Custom"

Rarely seen: 1950’s “Custom”

The grill you see here is about 60 years old, and cooks just as well as a new one. Let that sink ...
glrasmussen's Avocado lid view

1968 “The Caribbean”

It's not unusual for Weber kettle enthusiasts to have friends who look out for them. Recently, glrasmussen received an alert ...
SteveZ's Pat Pend Fleetwood, after cleanup

“Patent Pending” Fleetwood, with rare rotisserie

When this first appeared on WKC's radar, forum members collectively held their breath. Who picked it up, and why did ...
jolayiv’s Lime 22, mysterious light

’76-’77 Lime 22.5″ captivates

WKC member jolayiv is the second owner of this luscious, lickable  Lime (officially, "Key Lime") 22.5” kettle from 1976-77. He ...
Gorgeous Vintage Yellow up for Auction!

Gorgeous Vintage Yellow up for Auction!

Did you guys see this SWEEET yellow on ebay? The seller, WKC Legend, Lawrence Fishburn @PBE Gummi Bear, posted it ...
Featured Family Photo: Member glrasmussen

Featured Family Photo: Member glrasmussen

Recently, long time member @glrasmussen shared some truly amazing pictures of his Weber collection. This is more of a museum exhibit than a ...
Finished Weber Texan left side profile

1960-61 Weber Texan

Featured here is one of the oldest documented grills that we have in the Weber Kettle Club.  This grill belongs ...
Weber Ranger finally back to work

Yellow Weber Ranger Restoration: From Trash to Treasure

As most of you know, finding a nice colored vintage Weber grill isn't an easy thing, especially now that Weber Kettle ...
1970s Lime Weber Kettle on eBay

1970s Lime Weber Kettle on eBay

There's a Lime Weber grill on ebay right now. The buy it now is $450, which is steep - but ...
FOUND: Yellow Weber Ranger (before restoration)

FOUND: Yellow Weber Ranger (before restoration)

Today a gentlemen from Chicago (of course) contacted the WKC with this treasure that he stumbled upon. I'm still too ...