Gorgeous Vintage Yellow up for Auction!

This thing belongs in a museum. But I'd still cook on it!

This thing belongs in a museum. But I’d still cook on it!

Did you guys see this SWEEET yellow on ebay? The seller, WKC Legend, Lawrence Fishburn @PBE Gummi Bear, posted it up a few days ago. It’s pretty special. Look at it!

It’s in really great shape. There aren’t a lot of yellows that kept this status. Perhaps the types of people who went for the yellow Weber’s back in the 70s turned into the types of people who used their kettles as impromptu fire pits in the 80s…

Regardless, this one has been spared the fate of chips, cracks, and serious crazing. It’s been cleaned up and restored to a lovely showroom quality. It features a hand selected curly KOA handle, custom order from Zavod.

There have been no paint touch-ups whatsoever. All parts are original, except for the wheels. The original wheels WILL ship with the kettle.

A SMALL portion of the auction proceeds go towards supporting the Weber Kettle Club – specifically providing new giveaway items and contest prizes!

The last one similar to this sold for $1000

Happy Bidding!

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