Vintage Weber Grill Gallery

The Weber Kettle Club Community certainly owns more vintage Weber grills and vintage bbq accessories than ANY other community – now its time to showcase the pride we put into our motto.
Rescue. Restore. Respect.

If you’d like your rare Weber grill photos to be added to the gallery contact us or post in the forum!

1959 Weber Ranch Kettle side view

1959 Weber Ranch Kettle

Featured here is what quite possibly may be one of the oldest complete Ranch grills we have.  This kettle is ...
1967 avocado Weber Seville side photo 2

1967 Weber Seville

Featured is a 1967 Weber Seville owned by WKC member, Jeff. Weber has recognized 2 models of the Seville, one ...
Weber charcoal caddy side profile photo 2

Vintage Weber Charcoal Caddy

Featured here is a vintage Weber charcoal caddy owned by WKC member Jeff. Based on actual Weber literature, this caddy ...
1980-81 Weber Dark Blue 22.5

1980-81 Weber Dark Blue 22.5

This dark blue 22.5 kettle is owned by WKC member Craig. This kettle is unique in that it is a ...
Early Smokey Joe

Early Smokey Joe

In researching for the Smokey Joe History page, a WKC member supplied us with these photos.  This is the earliest ...
Three Generations of Ranch

Three Generations of Ranch

Thanks to a member of the WKC, we have this great picture of the three generations of Weber Ranch Kettle ...
NFL Edition Weber Master Touch - Bears Logo Grill

NFL Edition Weber Master Touch – Bears Logo Grill

Back in 1995, the NFL sponsored a Bar-B-Q competition, with the prize being a very limited Weber Master Touch (MT) NFL ...
1969 Weber Custom Kettle - The Meat-Cut Grill

1969 Weber Custom Kettle – The Meat-Cut Grill

This is a rare sighting! A custom Weber kettle from the late 60s, and one that has never - until now ...