Meet Matt – The Newest WKC Statesman

WKC Member Matt shows off his vintage Weber grill collection

WKC Statesman Matt shows off his vintage Weber grill collection

Matt, or SixZeroFour in the forums, is the latest member to join the Statesman team.

Hailing from Canada, eh, Matt found the site in 2012, but didn’t join up until late 2013. Although he’s been active on the site for less than 12 months, Matt has made a significant impact on the site and the community.

Matt took the initiative and organized the first annual WKC eCook Day. He promoted it and even donated prizes from his own insanely impressive collection. More than 50 members participated, which is incredible considering it’s our first one.

Matt is a restoration guru and will be in charge of the WKC Grill Restoration Guides. His first installment is live – and its amazing How to clean and polish Weber grill legs.

All of the statesmen, especially myself, are super excited to welcome Matt to the team!

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  • Greg-S Link Reply

    He once defended a family of campers from a bear attack using nothing but a smokey Joe and a shish kabob.


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