1974 Yellow Weber Ranger

This 1974 Weber Ranger is owned by WKC member Jeff.  It was picked up by his wife who drove 4 plus hours for it while Jeff was out of town for work.  The ad pictured this particular yellow Ranger.  When she got there, the seller told her he had another one similar to it and if she might be interested.  Umm…YEAH!  So 2 Rangers were purchased from this one owner.  The other being a “burnt orange” colored one.  Both Rangers were in need of some rehab.  The yellow one was the better of the two.  This Ranger features thumbscrews on the leg sockets and a twist on ash pan.

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  • Where is the pic of the burnt Orange one?

    • jeff Link Reply

      The burnt orange one is currently awaiting restoration. Unfortunately it was in worse condition than the yellow one was.

  • TonyUK Link Reply

    Man, that is gorgeous! I’m sooooo jealous, but happy for you Jeff. Big kudos to the Mrs!!

    • jeff Link Reply

      Thanks Tony!

      • Tyler Link Reply

        Hey Jeff, I’m thinking about having some custom legs built for a Ranger work-up. Would you be able to get me some rough measurements of the legs? Thanks, Tyler

  • Without a doubt, the most beautiful barbeque ever produced. Can I buy one from you.

    • jeff Link Reply

      Thanks Russell. Unfortunately its not for sale. I think its certainly one of the coolest designs as well!

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