2014 WKC Shirts + WKC Handles

Since 2014 is the year Weber discontinued the blue kettle, we thought it would be the perfect time to print up some BLUE logo’d shirts!

Additionally, WKC Statesmen Brian and Marty have produced an official WKC wooden handle!

Shirts are IN STOCK and ship within 3-5 days. Handles are sold out, but will be in stock soon. Pre-orders welcome.


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  • Argentflame Link Reply

    Any flex WKC hats in the future? That I can Wear evereyday. I did ordered my shirt.

    • admin Link Reply

      Yes, although I’m not sure when 🙂

  • Paul Link Reply

    Is the front logo placed where the above photo depicts? Or is the front logo going to be positioned more to the left?


    • admin Link Reply

      The logo is centered on the front. Left placed logos produced damage shirts during shipping 🙁
      (plus the test run I did looked fantastic)

  • William Rehfield Link Reply

    On May 2 I ordered a WKC T shirt. Any info on when it
    might ship? Thank you.
    Bill Rehfield

    • admin Link Reply

      You were one of the first, thank you! Shirts are being printed right now and should be shipping within 10 days. Apologies for the delays.

  • Simon isaacs Link Reply

    I’ve just ordered 3 of these so can rotate them in the wash & wear one everyday!
    I love BBQ’ing, at work the guys call me MR Weber The Barbequist!
    As Agent Flame has said, I’d love to get the Weber floppy hat, in fact I’d buy 3!
    The only other BBQ out there to rival the Weber kettle, is of course the Homebase version with the side table, but I guess that’s something I’ll have to aspire to!
    Happy grilling fellow grillsters!

  • Brickout Link Reply

    When will the handles be shipping?

    • admin Link Reply

      The WKC handles are cut and lasered and currently being sealed. They should be shipping from California within 10 days.

  • John Link Reply

    Curious about the preorder process. Will my credit card be charged immediately or will it be charge once there is a decision if the handles/ shirts are going to be made

    • admin Link Reply

      When you pre-order, your card is charged immediately.

  • Joan Flowers Link Reply

    Trying to locate and purchase one of the old Weber Grill side table & board part 7111 for use on 18.5 or 22′ grills.

  • Matt Trent Link Reply

    Any chance you’ll make any shirts in any color, other than black? I get so hot in black shirts. The only reason I wear navy blue, is work requires it!

  • Rmitch Link Reply

    I would like to get a t shirt .. How to order

  • TonyUK Link Reply

    Nice t-shirt! I want one!
    Thank you & Kind Rgds,

  • Al Wielgosz Link Reply

    How can I order shirts?

    • admin Link Reply

      Hi Al. You can’t right now. Sorry.
      We will be launching a WKC swag store soon 🙂

  • David Phillips Link Reply

    I must be missing something. How can I order shirts? Hope you have some big ones. I like grilled meats.

    • Troy Link Reply

      Hi David. We actually do not have shirts for sale right now. We will in another week or two though.

  • Tracy Link Reply

    So what is the date shirts will be available in 2015 ?

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