WKC Pizza Competition: Sponsored by KETTLE PIZZA

We ALL love pizza. The WKC kettle heads here cook so much of it we created a dedicated pizza forum just to hold all the information. Our dedicated pizza forum has produced some incredible looking pizzas as well many innovative cooks and ideas. That’s why The WKC has teamed up with the great folks at Kettle [...]


Pizza on the Weber without a Pizza Oven

A guide by Nate: One of the WKCs food gurus! There are different tried and true methods of cooking pizza on the Weber Kettle, but this was my method that turned out nice pies before I stared using the KP. Also, I’ve always used a pizza stone but this method should work with just a [...]

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Slow ‘N Sear XL Review

Six months ago I published my review of the Slow ‘N Sear. I ended up falling in love with it.  It functions great as a low’n’slow system while still kicking ass as a hot zone / cool zone divider. Bonus points, the design of the product keeps the exterior of the Weber kettle significantly cooler [...]


4th Annual Chicago WKC Meetup announced

Date is Aug 6th and the home of Brian O’Neil aka ZAVOD44. This is always a great time, you can follow this link for more details.


Rarely seen: 1950’s “Custom”

The grill you see here is about 60 years old, and cooks just as well as a new one. Let that sink in for a minute. When WKC forum member charred saw this listed online for “free,” he didn’t hesitate to get it. He knew it was special, but only learned afterwards just how special. Click here to [...]


The Elevated Half Grill

Back in the ’70s, Weber offered a solution to grillers whose standard 22.5″ grill wasn’t quite big enough for those extra burgers or casseroles (extra casseroles?), but who also weren’t going to shell out the long green to acquire a larger grill. The answer was the Elevated Half Grill, Weber model G-9. It effectively covered half of the [...]

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9 Interesting Burger Facts

May 28th is National Hamburger Day and we are celebrating it this year. Most humans love burgers. Billions of them are consumed around the world every year. And May 28th is a day designated to celebrating all things hamburger. Here are 9 facts about hamburgers that you may not have known about: – Hamburgers did not [...]

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Burger Throwdown E-Cook

Spring is in the air (unless you live in Michigan where we had snow on May 15th), we are getting more daylight by the day and May is “National BBQ Month” with May 28th being “National Burger Day”. We have so much to look forward to and here @ the WKC this means another cook [...]


1968 “The Caribbean”

It’s not unusual for Weber kettle enthusiasts to have friends who look out for them. Recently, glrasmussen received an alert about this rare machine. Its color, Avocado, and design details identify it as “The Caribbean” in old Weber catalogs. This one is likely from 1968, because the dark ring is located high and narrow. Later [...]

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“Patent Pending” Fleetwood, with rare rotisserie

When this first appeared on WKC’s radar, forum members collectively held their breath. Who picked it up, and why did we want to see more? It’s because rotisseries can produce cooking magic, and Weber’s rotisserie accessory for the 26.75″ kettle is a rare bird indeed. SteveZ soon presented his cleaned, scrubbed, and buffed machine. Wow! Rumor has it, [...]

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