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Author Topic: .:: eCook (Day of) Discussion Thread ::. Sunday September 7th 2014 [PHOTO HEAVY]  (Read 48786 times)


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All set to go! Should be clangin' beers with friends soon!!

My two new reds part way through restore...

And my 18's... less my brownie who is in transport  :-[
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While the 7lb pork butt is still cookin on the JJ, 7 hours so far, I decided to throw together a deep dish.


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Man!! ... Everybody's cook-ups look amazing so far!  :D 8)

Turds going on, then coming off after 2 hours.  So delicious!

Ribs coming off ... Halftime is about to happen.  :) :)
Hanging out in the garage / mancave.  8)  A very nice lunch.  Dinner to come later.  :D

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My first brunch on a kettle.  Sausages:

Bacon crisping and onions and peppers softening:

Eggs added:

Done...I added some dark maple syrup on top of the sausages and used some of my fresh No. 604 hot sauce on the eggs:

That habanero sauce I did up is very good...nice depth of flavours going on.
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So for today's cook I'm doing baby back's for the first time and breaking in the new-to-me (and never used previously) SS performer!

I'm going with the snake method for the charcoal. It tends to work pretty well and with it being a new grill will be easier to control the temps if they get too hot. I'm also going to add a water pan.

Here I've got the rack on ready to get started.

My wife asked for some bacon. So I'm putting my copper kettle to work. First time I've used two grills at once here on the deck. Theyre sitting on a racks that she picked up on clearence somewhere. They do a decent job in the oven so I thought I'd try it here. Of course I need to put a few pieces on the grate for comaparison. I didn't take a pic when they came off after about 40 minutes. One was crispy the other not so much.

And about an hour and a half in, looking pretty good!

And about two and a half hours in.

The cook continues...
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Time to start the grill.

Pork Loin

I'll Keep you posted.



This Pork Roast turned out great, yours will to.

Make your own Weber Rotisserie for $30.00
You will need
1 Old Weber
1 Universal rotisserie kit, home center about $30.00
1 Thermometer for the lid about $6 at the home center. You will not know your cook temperature without this.

1. Drill 2 5/16 holes, one inch below lower kettle rim, in the center of the kettle parallel to the wheels.
2. Run spit rod through holes, mount motor bracket on left side. Bracket will have to be shimmed out do to curvature of kettle.
    Do not attach bracket without shims for this will add heat transfer to the bracket and motor.
3. I sawed off the non-point end of the skewer rod so only a few inches protrude when in use.

Rotated this Roast,

Family, 1954-55 Weber Bros Metal Works Kettle,
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Happy WKC e-Cookout day! Everyone's cooks look phenomenal!  Nothing too big here... just me & the fam.

Here's lunch... legs & asparagooooooose, on the red 18 OT(modified to G):

...and this will be dinner tonight:

Rubbed with SuperSmokers Mississippi Mud...

On the flat top 26, with tomorrow morning's fattie (stuffed with cheese, peppers, and rubbed with the Mud!). I just tried using the snake method in the 26'r on a butt last weekend. It worked well, so I'm hoping to get the same, delicious results with baby backs this weekend! Using apple and pear wood for this cook.

Prepping the appetizers right now... they might need to go on the uLime (or should I use Homer Joe?) mini:

I've also got some chicken breasts that I might have to throw on for later in the week...

Updates to follow! on page 12...
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Chicken done and ready to serve.

Ribs. Time to come off.


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Stayed at the lake last night , got up late and had a early lunch there , nothing special some legs and thighs and hash browns --

Sorry no plated pics had to eat and run , will try better on tonights cook !


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Coming along nicely!

Under my butt

Fatties on

Twin blues working away

Half way fatty

Wings accompanying mr fatty

Butt pulled and sleeping

The beans look like they might steal the show
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Deep dish pie is done. Now for it to rest before cutting.


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8 hours in on the 7 lb pulled pork on the JJ.


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.:: eCook (Day of) Discussion Thread ::. Sunday September 7th 2014 [PHOTO HEAVY]
« Reply #72 on: September 07, 2014, 11:16:52 AM »
Brunch on the Sequoia

Scotch Football Eggs stuffed with sautéed onion, potato , mushroom , cheese, cooked bacon and scrambled eggs. Wrapped in a mix of Jimmy dean hot and sage and I used cherry wood for smoke.

Delmonico style potato cakes , 3 types of potatoes , sour cream , butter, onion and flour

Rolled French toast filled with peanut butter, jelly and also Nutella , a real kids favorite

Mushrooms with cream cheese and fresh huckleberries , weber chipotle seasoning and topped with bacon

And the star of the show
Dutch Babies ( eggs flour butter )  with fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar or butter and maple syrup  , done in Cast iron on the Sequoia. Cook covered at 425 for 25 minutes

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Wanted plum/burgundy 18.5
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So the first pic is a repeat from the main thread.

Brisket meets heat at 12:06 am

12 hours in.

More stuff to cook during the course of the day, pics to fallow
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Ready to eat. 8)