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Author Topic: Weber compact kettles; Winner or Loser?  (Read 5530 times)


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Re: Weber compact kettles; Winner or Loser?
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2012, 05:41:33 AM »
Damn! Seeing that classic wood handle on a wussy heat shield handle gives me a sigh of relief. I'm in the "Wood handle camp" for life. I cant stand the shape of Weber's trendy urbanized modern dark grey handles. They make the old 2000's OTS light grey handles look like a classic. At least those were shaped closer to the wooden ones. I thought Weber designed the new heat shield handles guaranteeing that guys like us couldn't get a wood handle on them? But I stand corrected! Nice looking aqua-Joe BTW.  8) As for the compact kettles, ah..NO!! I'll buy the crappy trimmed down Performer-Silver before ever going compact on a full size kettle. Maybe in the form of the Jumbo-Joe-In-Name-Only compact smokey Joe Platinum, but I would have to see it first. Though I'd rather comb the web for a real style JJ or SJP. They look like a kettle.

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