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Author Topic: This afternoon’s grilled pizza  (Read 40593 times)


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This afternoon’s grilled pizza
« on: June 05, 2021, 03:00:17 PM »
Round two went a bit better. Store-bought dough again because my partner is deathly allergic to wheat, and me making dough is bound to have flour in the air. Apicella’s did us well, though. This time I used a rolling pin to get it much thinner than last time, to good effect. The sauce again was simply Muir Glen Fire Roasted crushed tomatoes with fresh minced garlic, dried basil, and homegrown dried oregano added. I don’t cook the sauce beforehand, it cooks enough on the pie. Everyone made their own pies with their choice of toppings; mine here is simply mozz and onions. I later made a New Haven Plain, which is simply tomato and plenty of grated Romano, my favorite pie. It’s a less is more thing. Others added much more to their pies.

1) on the peel, ready to go, 2) on the Performer, uncooked on the stone, 3) cooked on the stone ready to come off the grill, 4) plated. I made some notable improvements this round, one being to have more coals under the stone than I had last time, so the crust would cook a little faster. Most of the coals are off to the side for the heat to circulate above and cook the toppings. Last photo is our grandson’s girlfriend and her handiwork.

I think we’ve sold our grandson and girlfriend on the idea of getting a grill, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a local deal for them.


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Re: This afternoon’s grilled pizza
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2021, 04:34:23 PM »
I’ll have to try your toppings, looks delicious!