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Author Topic: Hello from Albuqerque found this cute green grill out on the curb as trash : (  (Read 1907 times)


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I literally stumbled on my avocado grill on the sidewalk that was put out for trash! It needs lots of TLC new wheels? a pan and and a new handle. I saw where to order the handles, on this site, so glad I found this site!  It needs new wheels, does Weber still make those? The legs have fallen off it has rust but not rusted through (at least I donít think so- I checked the restoration section which was very informative- is there a way to match the chipped enamel parts? I should probably check out all the forums questions first as they have probably already been asked! Another project, but it was too cute to let it go in the trash! I hope Ivan save it but I may be in over my head! Any suggestions or knowledge is greatly appreciated, as maybe there are parts I havenít noticed that are missing  , so please any information at all and where to find parts is greatly appreciated  : )

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Re: Hello from Albuqerque
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Oops I can not Ivan lol


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Wow!! Nice accident!

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I would love to come across that any day. Avacado is probably my favorite weber color besides red

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A CADO ON THE CURB! and itís an 18í.  Congrats [emoji41][emoji106]🏾[emoji106]🏾

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A CADO ON THE CURB! and itís an 18í.  Congrats [emoji41][emoji106]🏾[emoji106]🏾

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X2. Damn!  Nice rescue and welcome from Wisconsin.  I have a 22, and am awaiting delivery of an 18.  You can get a new ash catcher from Jeff.  You can also get a new handle from Zavod44 at Grillhandle.com.  I'd like to see pics of the RRR.  Someone here might have some steel wheels they are willing to part with, if you want to keep it stock.  New wheels will work fine, if not.  Replacement daisy wheels/vent covers are available on amazon.
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Here is a thread that I found useful in reattaching leg sockets to the bowl.  Pretty easy, just need to drill a hole in each of the leg socket tabs, then secure using stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers. Remove all the rust with #0000 steel wool prior to reattaching the leg socket.


Those wheels are repairable.  The rust can be cleaned off by soaking them in Evapo-Rust. They can then be sanded and repainted.  The broken tread can be repaired using black caulk.  That is also covered in the above thread.

Here is a thread showing rust removal, sanding and painting of the wheels.

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    • Daves Workshop Youtube page.
Nice find!
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Talk about a sweet find!! That things gonna clean up real nice. Looking forward to seeing the resto pics!! Welcome to WKC
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I always check the trash when Iím driving.  Nice find!

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Hello and welcome to the WKC from Eugene, Oregon.   By now you have been led to most of the info you'll need to restore your scarce 18" avocado MBH.  Take you time and enjoy the journey.  Share it with us in pics as you go :)


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