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Author Topic: 2018 Calendar Photo Contest - Win a NIB Ivory Master-Touch!  (Read 21411 times)


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UPDATE :: The draw for the Ivory MT will take place on Sunday October 22nd !! ::

Alright guys, no more messing around! 8)

Here is your chance to win a brand new 22.5" Ivory Master-Touch simply for making an entry into the contest!!

Starting now and running through October 1st, all WKC members are eligible to submit one qualifying picture per week for the next two months (up to a max of 9 entries).


Rule 1: No OLD cell-phone or tablet images please!  I need proper digital camera or high-quality phone pictures in order to make them useable for print.

You don't need a crazy Digital SLR camera (although that would be great!), just something better than a poor cell phone.

We want to encourage people to take the time to select a kettle or kettles and plan out a small photo shoot specific for the contest. Show us what you've got and get creative!

Rule 2: Images must be in Landscape format:

Rule 3: Image size must be at very least 1600x1200 pixels. Please use standard 4:3 Aspect!

Most proper camera's will easily take photos at this resolution, just be sure not to downsize the images when transferring them to your computer. The larger the filesize the better!

If you need some help with this shoot me a pm and I will do my best to explain further.

Rule 4:All images should be submitted via email to matt@weberkettleclub.com

I will post copies of the submissions in this thread so everyone can check out the entries as they come in.

It's as easy as that!

A draw will be made a few days after the deadline to determine the lucky winner.
Shipping of the grill will be covered within the mainland USA or Canada. Anything beyond that the winner will be given the option to pay the difference in shipping or a new name will be selected.

Stay tuned for more info as there will be some additional runner up prizes added to the contest shortly.

Looking forward to seeing some amazing entries!

Cheers guys!

Six 8)

>>> UPDATES <<<

Aug 4th:

Swamp Boys Prize Pack Added - Big thank you to club member @Rub !

Be sure to check out his site at www.swampboys.com

Aug 17th:

Here are some more prizes guys!

Weber Golf Shirt - Mens L:

Weber T-Shirt - Labeled as a M but appears to also be a L?:

Thought I was clean out of the kettle club stickers for months now but recently found 2 blue and 2 reds stashed away! These will be used to make a couple coveted 3 pcs sticker packs as seen below:

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Great idea, can't wait to see the submissions.

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Oh yeah!!!!!  I just got a GoPro a few weeks ago so I'm going to have to setup a 4k photoshoot!!!!! 
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This is great! Looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

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Very nice..


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 Sweet! I'll give it a shot!   ;D
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Very cool Matt!
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what if my phone is better then my camera [emoji23]


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Oh man, I'm in! Thanks for setting that up, guys!


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@Hogsy we need to enter this
Let's take a pic at port

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Should be fun

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Sounds fun. Weber grill porn and I'll be the fluffer.

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Looking forward to seeing some really great entries this year!

Here are the previous 2 years calendars for some inspiration:

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This is going to be fun to watch I am excited to see all the photos
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