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Author Topic: Dough Recipe (for thin/crisp pizza)  (Read 3478 times)


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Dough Recipe (for thin/crisp pizza)
« on: March 15, 2016, 06:53:24 PM »
First, let me start by acknowledging that everyone has their preferences for pizza crust.  I myself started by using a recipe from regular WKCer Michael, who is a trained chef.  It was a recipe for NYC/Philly style pizza, and with his help I finally nailed it.  But shortly after that, my wife and I realized we don't actually *prefer* NYC/Philly style pizza (relatively thick, yeasty,  and stretchy crust).  So we began experimenting with a recipe that another friend shared with us.  This is much closer to our ideal pizza (found at Quonset Pizza in Waukegan, IL, if you want the gold standard). 


It's a big recipe, and I've begun to halve it (it still makes 6 pies).  It's more delicate than other recipes--- I find I can't stretch it or throw it, but need to use a small roller to work it into shape.  The flour is important-- we use Caputo 00 pizza flour, and I've started buying it in bulk from Amazon.  It takes a bit of time to proof, but if you can start it in the mid afternoon you'll be great for supper.  Because we want a thin and crispy crust, we usually pre-bake the bare crust, then put on the toppings and finish the cook.  And we use a sauce that has been reduced until it's quite pasty.  The result is a pizza that has an almost cracker-like crust-- amazing stuff. 

I generally make the dough and knead it out, then divide it into 6 individual balls.  I flour the pieces well, put them on a sheet pan, then cover it with a damp towel and put it in a warm place for a couple hours. 

PS. Yes, I know the recipe measures the ingredients by weight, but who among us doesn't want an excuse to buy another kitchen gadget?  Besides, measuring by weight it way more accurate, and much faster.  Plus, PROTIP:  a milliliter of water weighs one gram, so you can speed up your measurement of liquids, too. 
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Re: Dough Recipe (for thin/crisp pizza)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 08:28:58 PM »
sounds like a good option.
I really prefer the thin crackery crisp pizza too.