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Author Topic: Not one but TWO!  (Read 3000 times)


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Re: Not one but TWO!
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2023, 12:16:16 AM »

Awesome they look great!

Love mine. It actually started this whole thing for meÖ.

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Same here for me ! All I had before I started collecting was my moms Smokey joe platinum. I spotted the red le grill and got it for a ridiculous deal on Amazon. It was before the sales tax existed and they even threw in a 25 dollar coupon. It came from  a hardware store on the east coast but sold through amazon. I think I paid 175 for it. I love my LE and I remember all the complaints about them. Itís still one of my favorite grills and really has some of the most useful parts on it. If someone ever got one broken down in the future, Everything about it could be used on another grill if someone choosed to do so.

The wheels, the black triangle, the black ash bucket, the black handles, and the LE badge.

If you compare it to the 70th anniversary those donít have much to offer because everything is so specific to that grill.

I almost bought four of them for 150 on a clearance deal and my wife said I didnít need them. Oh man I really wish I didnít listen to her that time. I just couldnít figure out where I would hide them all.

Anyway nice find! Forget the issues and enjoy them. Iíd buy another on in a heartbeat if one crossed my path. I feel like in looking back in history these were instant classics. A lot of people complained about them but címon man look at them. It was the first time Weber threw us a tribute grill and it was red ! They just donít do red in the USA so it is what it is. Just cooked on mine today. Love it !

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