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Author Topic: Craigslist Score!!!  (Read 676 times)


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Craigslist Score!!!
« on: November 21, 2020, 04:44:18 PM »
So the other day I picked up a 2 year old green Weber Deluxe Performer....I also got a really nice cover, a Weber Chimney starter, two sets of charcoal baskets (one new in the box), a bag of charcoal, a set of bbq gloves and a bottle of lighter fluid.  All for $55!!    I met the seller in a True Value parking lot and he couldnít have been nicer...said that he just wanted to go to gas.   After about 2 hours of elbow grease (I donít think it had ever been cleaned) the Performer looks immaculate with the exception of the steel table...the finish on it has actually rusted in several places and the crinkle finish has bubbled up off of the metal underneath.

Before I go and call Weber to get a new table, has anyone refinished their metal tables....I was going to simply take a wire wheel to it to remove any rust and then paint it with an outdoor rust inhibiting paint.   But how cool would it be to get a custom cut butcher block and just screw it onto the top?

In any event, Iím looking forward to my first cook in this new-to-me Performer!!! 


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Re: Craigslist Score!!!
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2020, 05:24:20 PM »
Congrats!  If it were me I would do what you are thinking in regards to painting it, as for the other idea others have simple replaced the top with a custom butcher block top.
Wanted: 18" Platinum any color will work
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Re: Craigslist Score!!!
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2020, 02:17:14 AM »
very nice !
Seeking a Black Sequoia I know I know, I'd settle for just the tabbed no leg grill


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Re: Craigslist Score!!!
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2020, 06:54:41 AM »
Dang I really hate guys like you, 55 bucks I would have been happy with just the grill. Those deals never come in that price around me.
I just got a AH 2014 model for 150.00 and was happy.

Now i need the part number for the new style bale.

Congrats on your buy and hope you success on dealing with the rusted table.
very nice !

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Re: Craigslist Score!!!
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2020, 06:40:25 AM »
The cover alone is worth that much. Nice score!! I saw get a replacement table AND a butcher block and swap out as your heart desires ;)
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