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Author Topic: How could I?  (Read 590 times)


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How could I?
« on: October 17, 2020, 11:04:14 AM »
    Happy Saturday all.  Hope the meats already rollin and the beers a flowin. Jumping right in to my message here. I Joined the club a few days ago and when asked how many weber grills I owned, I casually answered 3. I didn't ponder the question at all, the answer seemed apparent. A quick memory snapshot of my backyard sprung forward, the copper 22, "yeah" the 83 brownie I just picked up in the corner of the yard, "check" and my green 2nd gen performer "disco!" That's it, memory scan complete. But wait...there's more! The fossilized phrase "out of sight out of mind" gives way to my point. That very special FIRST Weber that was gifted to my wife and I 21 yrs ago on our wedding day...left out!? Memory scan not complete! I'd forgotten to list it with the rest of my assemblage! How could I? Packed away in our storage unit, where camping gear, holiday decorations and other items I'm too lazy to rid myself of, is the most important Weber in the troop. It's been part of our best family memories, some of the best steaks we've ever tasted were birthed forth from It's grate. All the family outings to the beach, the camping trips, fourth of July gatherings. It's always been a part of these moments, the cooking vessel of choice, of privilege. Why did I forget it? Is it because its not shining, sparkling in the sun out in the yard with it's colorful domed cousins? Is it because its black?? Well BLACK grills matter too!! Oh Jesus please let me never again forget to include the

Weber Go Anywhereyoudamnpleasewithit!

How could I?


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Re: How could I?
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2020, 11:21:00 AM »
LOL...Yes, how could you?  Rescue and restore that beauty and re-kindle the love...  you’ll be glad you did!  Oh and share a picture with the group!

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