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WKC Glossary
« on: March 23, 2017, 04:56:36 AM »
Welcome to the WKC Glossary - an ever-evolving list of terms and definitions for many of the words and acronyms you'll see used in the forums. This list will be updated periodically. Your suggestions are welcome, just PM me with your ideas or edits.

0000  Refers to the fineness of steel wool used to clean and polish porcelain, usually in combination with detergent, Bar Keepers Friend or water. Generally will not harm or scratch the surface, although damage has been noted on some older kettles.
1952   The year George Stephen produced the first Kettle while working for Weber Bros. Metal Works.
2012   The year WKC was founded.
2-rivet   Older Weber wood handles that have 2 rivets holding it in place, instead of one centrally located screw. The rivets need to be drilled out to replace the handle. Custom replacements are available for both types through the WKC.
3WD   Three Wood. Any Weber Kettle (18.5, 22.5, 26.75) Made originally with wood handles on the bowl and lid and daisy wheel venting system. Post MBH era to pre One Touch/BAR-B-KETTLE era. 1981-1983. Date Code C, C/D, E

ABT   Atomic Buffalo Turds, or just 'Turds. An appetizer made of cored or split in half & cored Jalepeno pepper, stuffed with cream cheese (often spiced or mixed with onion bits, crab meat, cheese, chorizo, or various assorted flavorings), then wrapped in bacon. Typically smoked at medium heat until bacon is at desired doneness. Original recipe then calls for a 'Lil smokie cocktail sausage, on top of, or stuffed down into, the cream cheese. Variations also include Atomic Dragon Turds stuffed with hotter peppers, such as Scotch Bonnets, ghost peppers, etc. Exact origin is unknown, but common lore credits "Eggfest" the annual Big Green Egg Cookoff.
Agent   An Agent is a club member who will assist with the purchase and/or shipping of a kettle purchased by another member who is remote from the seller's area. If a kettle of interest is spotted by a member, he or she can post "agent needed" with details of what is being sought with the hope that a local member will be able to collect the prize and deliver it to it's future home. Beyond kettle karma for assistance, a buyer could offer gas money, cash, grilling itmes of interest, or simply good will to the agent. Paying it forward is always welcome, and those who are assisted by an agant should be willing to agent for others in the future.
Ash-Can   AKA: Ash Bucket. The sauce-pan shaped container used to collect ash on an OTG, OTP, Performer, or Summit charcoal kettle.
Ash-Pan   The dish-shaped metal disc used to collect ash from an OTS, Smokey Joe or three-wheeler kettle.
Ash-sweep   The three-bladed system for adjusting air flow and for ash control on a OTS, OTG, OTP, Performer or Summit Charcoal Kettle.

Bail   See lid bail.
BGE   Big Green Egg ceramic cookers
Bigger Better Basket AKA: BBB; Marty's Basket; Greater Bigger Basket. A quick hack to combine two Weber charcoal baskets into one larger basket to allow a longer, one-sided indirect cook. Like the Slow 'N Sear, the BBB offers an insulating layer of steel between the hot coals and the bowl and makes every kettle cook better.
BIN   Term from Ebay:  Buy It Now
BNIB   Brand New In Box
Brownie   Refers to Weber Kettles made from 1969- early 1990s in the color Copper Mist (1969-mid 70s)  or Chocolate (1977-1990s).
Boobie Pink   AKA: Chestnut Copperton. WKC slang term for the varying two-tone pinkish 22.5 kettles available from the mid 1950s through the late 1960s.
Bullet   See WSM

'Cado   Refers to Weber Kettles made in the 1960s and 1970s that are colored Avocado Green.
Caddywampus   Any Weber Kettle that has had the leg kit installed incorrectly. When the front leg and front bowl handle to not align when assembled. Rear bowl handle should be positioned between the wheels.
CB   Cajun Bandit. An aftermarket seller of parts and accessories for Weber Kettles and WSMs.
CGA   Charcoal Go Anywhere portable bbq- Rectangular with sliding side vents and legs that double as a lid holder.
Chariot   An iron cart for a 22.5" Weber kettle with two large wheels, made by the Woodard company, resembling a chariot.
Chocolate   See Brownie
Choink   A chicken-stuffed pepper wrapped in bacon and smoked or grilled.
Chook   A whole Chicken.
Chromoveil   The unique “spider web” finish applied to 18.5” and 22.5” Weber kettles in the 50s. Introduced on a model called the “Custom” in 1956. Can be greenish-yellow over black, or black over white.
Chestnut Copperton   AKA: Boobie Pink. Term for the varying two tone pinkish coloration used on 22.5” Weber available from the mid 1950s through the late 1960s.
CI  Cast Iron
CL   Craigslist – an on-line city-specific selling marketplace. As of August 9, 2012, over 700 cities and areas in 70 countries have Craigslist sites.
Crazing   The cracking of porcelain that sometimes happens on the bowl of a Weber grill when exposed to extremely high heat. Sometimes looks like scratches.
Copper Mist   See Brownie
Custom   Designation for a few select models of Weber Kettles in the 50s and 60s. The Chromoveil and Meat Grill are examples.

Daisy Wheel   Refers to the venting system on the bottle of the kettle with three rotary vents. These Kettles did not have an internal ash sweeper but has an ash pan.
Date Code  See Vent Code. A series of one or two letters used on the lid vent to indicate the year it was made. Newer kettle have vents where letters are used in combination with a serial number.

Epic   An awesome tale related to an extraordinary Restore, a superb cook, a Rescue/acquisition adventure, a magnificent score or gigantic FAIL that you don't mind fessing up to.

Fade   See Two-Tone
Flat-Top   A model of Weber 26.75” kettle characterized by a somewhat flattened cross section lid shape.
Freak   A 'freak' is a very rare grill most would never cook on regardless of its condition to keep from causing any further wear or damage to it.
Founders  AKA: Founding Fathers. Five members who banded together in 2012 to organize the launch the WKC:  @Troy, @Jeff, @zavod44, @Shaun, @aj.
FS  For Sale - used in the Member Sales & Trades area
FTC   Foil, Towel, Cooler.  A good way of keeping your cook (Like a Pork Butt) warm for hours.

GA   Go-Anywhere portable bbq available in charcoal (CGA)or propane. Rectangular with sliding side vents and legs that double as a lid holder
Galley Que   A 14.5” or 18.5” Weber kettle designed to be mounted on a rotating gimbal for use on a boat. These kettles have an enclosed ash-management system and a braided wire lid retention device.
Gas-Assist   AKA: Weber Touch-N'-Go. A propane charcoal starter built into some Performers and the Summit charcoal kettle.
GBS   Gourmet BBQ System - a range of inserts and accessories designed to fit a special heavy-weight hinged cooking grate with a hole in the center.
Grail   A highly prized kettle or accessory, usually for very personal reasons, or because the kettle is rare and can be used in lieu of a retirement plan.   
Grillfella   1. It's a license to grill. A license to grill anything- The Weber Covered way. You know, we always call each other Grillfellas. Like, you say to somebody: "You're gonna like this guy; he's all right. He's a Grillfella. He's one of us." You understand? We are Grillfellas- Weberguys! Those poor goody good shmucks who cooked on rusty no-name fire boxes and open Braziers and worried about dried meat, burns and scorching their food were dead!  It is a glorious time and the grillfellas are everywhere! We've got a "guy" or a "gal" in almost every part of the country including our overseas connection.  When the posers mess with us, or if we see something we've got to have, or get the urge to pull a job, this comes to mind.
    2. One who suffers from "Weberitis"
Gumtree   An on-line listing service owned by Ebay, and available in Australia, UK, South Africa, Poland, France, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong. Also targeting expat communities in New York, Boston and Chicago

H-style One Touch   The newer Ash sweeper assemblies where the handle snaps into place. A washer with a "H" shaped hole holds everything together. Incompatible with older One Touch Gold ash catchers that have the horizontal bar. Weber Part # 90993 for the 22.5" kettles.
Happy Cooker   Brand of charcoal or gas kettles similar to Weber, but different in some ways. Notable among the differentiating features was an internal ash pan – highly sought by grillfellas today.

In the Wild   See: "Wild"

Jaqam  If you read the weber name on a lid vent upside down, and squint, and maybe you've had a couple drinks, you might see the name "Jaqam".
JJ   Jumbo Joe. 18.5" portable kettle with side vent and locking lid bale.  Previously called Smokey Joe Platinum until the new model was introduced in 2013.

KBB   Kingsford Blue Bag – the classic charcoal briquettes.
Krooked-K   A K-code kettle that has the “K” stamped at an angle on the top vent.

Lid-bail   A curved bar at the side of the kettle that can hold the lid in open position. Found on models like the Smokey Joe Gold, Mastertouch, One Touch Platinum, and Performer.
Lid Roller   Plastic rollers on the Weber Tuck Away lid holder that helps to roll the lid into the open position. These are often replaced as they can melt during high heat cooks.
Lime   A bright green kettle.
Lump   Type of charcoal using natural wood chunks, rather than processed briquettes.

Master Touch   See MT
MBH   Metal Bowl Handle. A Weber Kettle made from 1964-1980 that has metal bowl handles, but a wooden lid handle.
Meat Cut Grill   A rare custom-finished Weber 22.5” kettle using 5 meat cut illustrations on the lid.
Meetup   A gathering of two or more members, with or without significant others, usually to swap kettles, grill food, and drink beer. 
Midget   A popular mod. Made by cutting the legs from a kettle, usually an 18.5”, and removing the outer rods from the triangle. Often seen sporting dualie wheels.
Mini, or Mini-WSM   A homemade WSM created from a SJS or SJG using a modified Tamale pot for the middle section.
MiniRK   A smaller Ranch Kettle made from a 26er, using frame parts from a full-size Ranch Kettle.
MLH   Metal Lid Handle. A Weber kettle made before 1964 that has all metal handles, including the lid.
Mod   Any type of modification to a kettle, cart of accessory to improve its functionality, looks or badassness.
Mod Month   Usually in the Fall, a month-long celebration of the ways members mod their Weber kettles, carts or accessories to suit their individual needs, aesthetic tastes or badassness. 
Mooinks   Originated from Moo (cow) + oink (pig) = mooink. Typically beef meatballs wrapped in bacon smoked at low to medium heat until the desired doneness for bacon is achieved.
Mothership   An original three legged MLH Ranch kettle.
MT   AKA: Master Touch.  Model produced from 1992-1999. 22.5" kettle with a lid thermometer, lid bale, and ash can similar to the One Touch Gold (later Original Kettle Premium) ash system.
MTG1   See MT
MTG2   Current lineup of the black finish Master Touch grill offered in the U.S. beginning in 2015. Also refers to current colored MT models available outside the U.S.

NIB   New In Box. An item never opened or used.
NOS   New Old Stock. Like NIB, an item never opened or used, usually purchase from a retailer.

OK   Original Kettle. (Not to be confused with “The Original”) Name given to the former "One Touch Silver" models beginning in 2015.
OKP   Original Kettle Premium. Name given to the former "One Touch Gold" 22.5" and 26.75" models beginning in 2015.
OPD   Overfill Protection Device. The type of valve on a propane tank that will prevent overfilling. Older model Performers often need to be upgraded to this type tank. Propane outlets will not refill tanks without an OPD valve. OPD tanks older than twelve years will need to be recertified. Recertified tanks can be recertified three times; once every five years.
OT   One Touch. Weber "Y" three-bladed ashsweeper and bottom vent assembly. Used interchangeably with Weber models with this feature 1983-present.
OT+   One Touch Plus. A 22.5" Weber Kettle model produced from 1987-1991 with lid bale, thermometer, and One Touch system. Unlike the Mastertouch, this model has an ash pan instead of an ash catcher pot.
OTS   One Touch Silver. 18.5" or 22.5".  Designation given to basic kettles produced from 2000-2014 with the pie plate style ash catcher and the One Touch "Y" shaped ash sweeper. Eventually replaced the three daisy wheel vents on the bowl across the non portable product line.
OTG   One Touch Gold (18.5 or 22.5 kettle with the ash catcher bowl attached to the One Touch system) Produced from 2000-2014.
OTP   One Touch Platinum. 18.5” or 22.5”. A cart-style kettle with a built in side table and lid bale. Often confused with the Performer, this is a smaller and “stripped down” version of a Performer.

Performer  Weber 22.5" Kettle models with built in cart, side table, charcoal bin holder, thermometer, lid bale, charcoal baskets, cover, and optional gas assist for starting charcoal. Original model had a Stainless steel table (See: SS) but the current version has a plastic side table. Often confused with a Platinum, which typically does not have the gas assist
Peel   The type of factory porcelain finish that resembles the skin of an orange or avocado – slightly bumpy.
Platinum   See One Touch Platinum (OTP)- Refers to an 18.5" or 22.5" Kettle with built in side table(s)  and lid bale. Newer models may have other features like a thermometer or cover.
POS   Look it up yourself.
Promo Kettles   Any type of kettle with a company logo on the lid or bowl.  Logos were baked into the finish itself, rather than printed on.
PTT   Portable Table Top. Original name given to the Weber Go Anywhere models from their launch in 1979 through the late 1980s.
Pube Cubes   A questionable home made concoction of dryer lint and wax formed in an egg carton or toilet paper tube used as a chimney-starter. It works, but...
Puckerbutt   A condition caused by improper/upside down leg assembly on the following models. Smokey Joe, Smokey Joe Tuck 'N Carry, Smokey Joe Gold, Outrider, Jumbo Joe (pre 2000), Smokey Joe Platinum (2000-2006)  The Smokey Joe equivalent to Caddywampus for 18.5, 22.5, 26.75 kettles.

Q   A series of Weber grills - not kettles - that opened up grilling to new audiences. Many different models over the years, from charcoal to propane to electric. These grill are highly portable, simple to use, and easy to store.

Ranchero  A Ranch Kettle with wood handles. Think of a classic wood-sided Ranchero by Ford.
Ranger   A fairly rare Weber kettle model that mounts a 22.5 kettle to a one-wheeled frame resembling a wheelbarrow.
Rat!  A rat is a common Weber usually 22.5 and black, but not limited  to blacks and 22.5's that you pick up either cheap or free for parts or a quick flip or turnover. Maybe even for a modification or a firepit, some yahoos even have been known to use them as planters, stools. You can also make Rats from a Gold Series taking the ash catcher and stainless parts off for a better grill and then reselling it as a Silver Series model. Cannibalizing it basically.
RBH  Riveted Bowl Handle. Two-piece wood bowl handle held together by two rivets.
RK   Ranch Kettle, 37-1/2-inch-diameter kettle for large cooks. Original models had three legs like the typical kettle but the modern version has a steel frame and lid bale system.
RLH  Riveted Lid Handle. Two-piece wood lid handle held together by two rivets.
Roti   1. Short for Rotisserie, a spinning mechanism on a cooker to get even cooking around the food.
                   2. Unleavened bread originating for South Asia like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
RRR   Rescue. Restore. Respect. The WKC motto.

Score   A good deal. As in: “That Ranch kettle you got for $25.00 is a major score!”
Sequoia   A 22.5 Weber kettle mounted in a wood cart.
Seville   A 22.5 Weber kettle mounted in a cast iron cart.
Simpson   A pale yellow 14.5 or 22.5 Weber kettle with an illustration of Homer Simpson on the lid.
SJ   Smokey Joe, comes in various models- see below.
SJS   Smokey Joe Silver portable 14.5" kettle with bottom vents
SJG   Smokey Joe Gold portable 14.5" with side vents and a locking lid/lid bale)
SJP   Smokey Joe Platinum a.k.a. Jumbo Joe 18" portable with side vents with locking lid/lid bale
Slide-Aside   Weber accessory add-on for holding the lid on the side of the bowl, similar to the lid bail.
SS or SSP  Stainless Steel Performer older performers made in 1999-2005 with stainless steel side table, charcoal bin holder, thermometer, lid bail, charcoal baskets, cover, and optional gas assist for starting the charcoal.
Spatchcock   Method for grilling chicken or turkey involving removal of the backbone and flattening it out to facilitate even cooking.
Statesmen   A loose-knit group of members who moderate and/or contribute to the WKC in various ways, and assist with club operations.
SWMBO   She Who Must Be Obeyed. A grillfella’s main obstacle to unchecked kettle acquisition.

Taco  Lid handle style using a bolt-on bracket and taco-shaped heat shield. Despised by purists.
The Original   AKA: George’s Kettle. The first Weber Kettle. First made in 1952 by Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago IL.
Three Wheeler   AKA: Daisy Wheel. Refers to the venting system on the bottle of the kettle with three rotary vents. These Kettles did not have an internal ash sweeper but has an ash pan.
Three-Wood   See 3WD
Touch-N'-Go  AKA: Gas Assist. A propane charcoal starter built into some Performers and the Summit charcoal kettle
Traveler   A model of Weber Kettle with taller legs and no ash-pan.
Tuck-Away   Official weber name for the lid holder feature found on kettles like the Performer, Platinum, and Mastertouch.
‘Turd   Slang term for any type of filled pepper, usually wrapped in bacon and smoked or grilled. Jalapeno pepper, either cored of split in half & cored, stuffed with cream cheese ( often spiced or mixed with onion bits, crab meat, various assorted flavorings ) Original recipe then calls for a 'Lil smokie cocktail sausage, on top of, or stuffed down into, the cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and smoked at medium heat until bacon is desired doneness.
Twist-Type   Refers to a type of ash pan that fits to the three legs of a kettle using j-shaped slots in the pan.
Two-Tone   Refers to Weber kettles that have a smoked or faded color effect near the lip of the lid, or half-way up the lid, running entirely around the lid. Usually in a darker hue of the main kettle color, but could be a contrasting color. 

UDS   Ugly Drum Smoker. Refers to all types of home-made smokers typically using a 55 gallon (hopefully food-safe) steel drum as a base, and often a Weber 22.5 lid.
U-line   Refers to the company that made Weber kettles available free to buyers of certain quantities of items from their catalogs. Unique colors were made for them – most often bright green.

Vent Code   A one or two letter stamp or serial number typically found on the top vent for identifying the year of kettle manufacture.
                              See: http://weberkettleclub.com/determine-age-of-old-grill/
Vent Tab   A small tab on the vents used to open or close them. Newer models may have a plastic cover that makes it easier to hold and dissipate heat. Vent tab shapes and sizes changed over the years, and are one way to help identify the age of a kettle.

Weberitis   An uncontrollable urge for acquiring and using Weber products, particularly vintage models & hard to find colors. 
Weathered Warrior   Reserved for kettles that have faded dramatically over time, and may show areas of rust, abuse, chips, dents, or other visual maladies, but still manage to continue to cook.  It’s a badge of honor to own and use a Weathered Warrior.
Westerner   A 26.75 kettle with a unique finish, using a two-tone coloration with a long-horned steer-head on two sides of the bowl.
Wild   AKA: "In the Wild" or simply "the Wild". A reference to seeing (and preferably photographing) a kettle out there in the real world; at retail, on someone's property, on public property, on the curb, in a dumpster - basically anywhere. If it's not your kettle on or in your property, it's in the wild.
WLH  Welded Lid Handle  The anti-taco lid handle style preferred by kettle purists. Not to be confused with MLH, (a one-piece welded metal handle that forms its own grip) this style is also metal, and welded to the lid, but uses a two-piece wood handle grip.
Woodard   Company that produced several models of iron carts to carry 14.5", 18.5" and 22.5" Weber kettles, such as the Seville.
Wood Dale   Kettles made by Weber at the Wood Dale factory location in the 60s. Lid vents are marked with the Wood Dale IL location.
WSM   Weber Smokey Mountain available in 14.5”. 18.5" or 22.5" models. (An older 14.5" model called the 1880 was also produced from 1981-1983.)  Aka a bullet, or vertical smoker due to it's shape.
WSMP   Weber Smokey Mountain Platinum. What you get when you mount an 18.5" WSM into a Weber 18.5" Platinum cart.



ZAVANDLES   Wood handles reproduced by @zavod44 - one of the WKC founding members.  Brian uses precision cutting methods and authentic laser engraving to replicate any type of Weber wood handle, along with lid rollers, vent tabs and other wood parts. Custom markings are available.
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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
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This looks great Marty, thanks for the upgrades!
I locked Gummi's previous version.


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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2017, 05:50:02 PM »


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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
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Awesome work Marty! Can we add Jaqam to the mix?
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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2017, 09:20:57 AM »
You long-timers on this forum probably have no idea haw really helpful this glossary is for newcomers like me.  Now I actually understand most of the posts.
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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
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Do we have a name GA's with legs on the wrong way? similar to Puckerbut or caddywampus
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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
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This is amazing info . Damn this place Keeps getting better and better!


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Re: WKC Glossary - 2017
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Please add MiniRK to the list  :-)

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Re: WKC Glossary
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RBH / Riveted Bowl Handles
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Re: WKC Glossary
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Do we have a name GA's with legs on the wrong way? similar to Puckerbut or caddywampus
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Re: WKC Glossary
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Triple-Double: Alternative term given to 1981 C code three wood kettles that have double riveted handles on the bowl as well as the lid. Three double riveted handles=Triple Double. These are rare.

HOLY GRAILS: 1960s Glen Blue 22 aka The Imperial, Brown Go Anywhere grill.

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Re: WKC Glossary
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Bravo, that's some effort  Gumtree in the UK as far as I am aware is a site for listings , no auctions. I'm sure it's the same elsewhere


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Re: WKC Glossary
« Reply #12 on: March 05, 2018, 02:28:47 PM »
Thank you for the Glossary this is really helpful for me as a new member to WKC and also rookie on a Weber kettle Performer Platinum (as I just learned reading this article, mine does not have gas assist)
Saludos from Juarez Mexico
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Re: WKC Glossary
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I know I'm new here and don't have a lot of room to say much, but I see one abbreviation that is missing. It is used a lot on some of my other forums, particularly Oakley (Sunglasses) forums.

When an item, like sunglasses, is put together with bits and pieces from others, they call it an MPH. A Mister Potato Head. Like the toy. Pull pieces off one and put it on another to make a new one.  Ear socks, frames, lenses, bombs (nose bridge pieces) cannibalized from various pairs to make a new pair.

I saw a kettle the other day that had bits and pieces from other kettles. Red body, black lid, etc.  Don't know if those kinds of frankensteins are referred to at WKC by some other name.

Anyhow, MPH.


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Re: WKC Glossary
« Reply #14 on: June 28, 2018, 02:21:44 PM »
Will the Gen 4 Performers go back to being called SSPs? The SS was in reference to the table right? Or does it just need to stay a 4th gen?

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