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Author Topic: Recent cook - Grease Management Follow-On  (Read 3898 times)


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Recent cook - Grease Management Follow-On
« on: September 11, 2023, 12:57:44 PM »
In a recent post @BamaKettles asked about grease management while doing a 6 pork butt cook on a 22" kettle with a 22 FireDial.

Fortunately, I only had only one flare up during the 7 hour "hot 'n fast" (375) cook. This happened when I had top vent off and side door of the attachment open to move butts around since top was 100 lower than bottom grate (3 fratea in use).  That's the background.

Anywho, @BamaKettles, you got me thinking about the grease fires. I have a buddy that is on the competition BBQ circuit and remember him sharing that most of the Drum Smoker teams (including himself) use an non-scented all natural product to eliminate grease fires during their cooks.

Already prepping for replies on this one but sharing information to the club to get input and see if others have done the same or similar for large cooks that have major grease drippings.

Thrifty-Sorb is an oil-dry TYPE product that is (per website) 100% chemical free and they have an unscented product. My buddy emphasized that the unscented must be used.   Here is a blurb from the site:

"This product is kiln-fired (calcined) to eliminate potential product breakdown and provides versatile use for all non-aggressive fluids in the automotive industry. Suitable for both commercial and home environments, our absorbent products are manufactured from 100% natural minerals with no chemical additives, are environmentally friendly, and won't damage asphalt, cement or tile."

I'm going to try (with some guidance I have gotten) to put 1/2" down in the center of fire dial the next time I have a large cook and see if it eliminates any and all grease fires.

I have included my grill photo and kettle accessory photos to give a visual of the cook with 2 butts on each of the 3 racks.

@BamaKettles, hopefully gives some thoughts to your question and fire dial use.

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Note: I did not use the product on this cook but will try in future.
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