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Author Topic: I found a "How It's Made" video on youtube about charcoal manufacture..  (Read 504 times)


  • Smokey Joe
  • Posts: 32
Youtube may use artificial intelligence to guess videos I may be interested in,, and of course it saw my frequent grilling/smoking searches. This popped up and I thought perhaps more folks  than just me would enjoy the 5 minute piece.


  • WKC Ranger
  • Posts: 1707
Pretty cool. I actually have 2 boxes of the Ford charcoal from the 1930's that was mentioned in the video.


  • WKC Brave
  • Posts: 180
Very cool.  "Fuel of a hundred uses"

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  • Smokey Joe
  • Posts: 32
That's really interesting! I wonder what the 100's of uses besides our personal favorite were? Thanks for sharing. Don