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Author Topic: DIY cart for my Performer Deluxe and Transfering the Touch-n-Go Ignition  (Read 1529 times)


  • Happy Cooker
  • Posts: 2
I would like to build a new cart for my Performer Deluxe.  I am also going to add my Weber Genesis but that's another story.  It's going to be wooden outdoor kitchen build.

Has anyone built a cart or table for the Deluxe keeping the Touch-n-Go Ignition?  I have seen plenty of "Performer" tables but cannot find one for the Deluxe.  In where someone has transferred the ignition.  Any pictures or advice or links would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

(my thought is that I would be able to split my 20# propane on the Genesis in two to run the Touch-N-Go.)


  • Smokey Joe
  • Posts: 16
I've owned that grill before and considered doing the same thing but went a different route.  The idea I toyed with was to cut down the front sheet metal that the regulator, igniter, and flip-up cover mount to, just to keep all of those pieces intact and in similar proximity with their stock attachment methods.  The goal was to have a smaller, cleaner piece of sheet metal that could then be trimmed out in wood and mounted to the wooden table somehow.  I never went through with it though.

Sounds like a fun project!