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Author Topic: Cleaning a gas grill  (Read 1005 times)


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Cleaning a gas grill
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:28:14 PM »
One of my neighbors has been asking me to come by and have a look at his grill... he was trying to figure out what it might need. He said he thought it might need some parts. Umm.. ok...

I finally had some time to stop by as we were going for a walk in the neighborhood. He has a stainless Weber Genesis grill. It looks like it's not very old. He wasn't sure quite what parts he needed, but he seemed to think he needed new flavorizer bars.

He said he hasn't used the grill in 2 years and that it worked the last time he used it.

So upon first inspection.. well, it's really dirty inside. It needs a good thorough cleaning. I kinda got the impression they don't like to clean it. I guess once it cools down they forget about it. Now.. I don't know all that much about flavorizer bars... but they just looked dirty to me. I really don't think the grill needs anything but a good cleanup to get going.

So... I know we have a fantastic kettle cleaning guide here.. as.. well, we're WKC. I don't know the first thing about cleaning a gas grill.. but I want to help him to get grilling again. Is there any good sites with a good walkthrough to cleaning up a gas grill? I don't know if the same rules apply using razor blades, 0000, etc to clean the insides... not sure what to do / if anything with the gas burner assembly.. or what to do with the flavorizers. I figure at a minimum if there was a nice and easy walkthrough site I could point him towards.. that gives him a good Saturday project.. and perhaps I can help / supervise. Overall the grill seemed to be in good condition.. just in need of some TLC.
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Re: Cleaning a gas grill
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 09:51:07 PM »
It would be helpful to know what model Weber gasser you're dealing with.   How many burners?  Controls on front or right side?  Open or closed cart?  Flip up tables and or side tables?  Are they wood or plastic.?

Flavorizer bars only need to be replaced when they are actually rusting through.   Even brand new ones will discolor due to heat and the nature of burning gas. (when propane or natural gas burn, one of the byproducts is water vapor).

Here a pretty good thread over at The Virtual Weber Bullet.  Deals mainly with restorations, but general cleaning is kind of a subset of that.


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