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Author Topic: Greetings from New England  (Read 1745 times)


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Re: Greetings from New England
« Reply #15 on: October 28, 2018, 04:29:58 AM »
Thanks all for the warm welcome.

As much as I love my two Kamados, I find myself gravitating to the Weber more and more. As an example, the other night I needed to grill some Italian sausage for a lasagna I was preparing. Which grill to use? Any of them would do, but the kettle was the easiest to fire up. I've got the Slow N Sear for it, fired up some coals in the small chimney starter (I've got both sizes) and grilled the sausage indirect.

As many times as I've grilled sausage on my grills I've gotta say these turned out looking perfect since they weren't over the hot coals. Uniform color, no burnt spots. I barely had to pay attention to them during the cook. 

I've got a BBQ-It-All on order from the Kickstarter campaign, will be anxious to put that into use when it arrives in a few weeks.

And like many of you, I keep searching the ads for other Webers. Not that I really need a 4th grill, I don't have the room on my deck for one. Since I'm cooking only for two of us if I need additional grilling room I just fire up multiple grills. Three grills is a comfortable number for me.


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Re: Greetings from New England
« Reply #16 on: October 30, 2018, 06:07:52 AM »
I was going to save up and get a Komado style or even a pellet smoker and after having my Kettle for almost a year or so I dont think I am in need of something of that caliber unless I could get one for pennies on the dollar. The Kettle does it all and like you said with the slow-n-sear its works great!
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