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Author Topic: I would like to ask the Administrator if I could have my User Name changed.  (Read 1087 times)


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Please cancel Hal Pollner and substitute HiDesertHal.

(I live in the Mojave High Desert at 3000 ft. elevation)

Thank you very much indeed!

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pbe gummi bear

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@Troy are you able to do this for @Hal Pollner ?
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I'm rooting for Troy to respond that the only possible change is "HAL 3000." So that there is a tie-in to his name and elevation and being a predecessor to...goodgodjuststopjoneveryonealreadygetsthischeapjokesomethingaboutahal9000andthisisthethirdmonthoftheyearand9000dividedby3andapodbaydooranda...
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