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Author Topic: Info on KettlePizza some may not know  (Read 2054 times)


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Info on KettlePizza some may not know
« on: March 25, 2016, 07:04:25 PM »
Just a little information from a past post...

I recommend you apply some oil or stain to those raw wood handles on the KP adaptor.
I'm glad I did that to mine, as they were getting very mucky looking.

@MacEggs I thought about that but really wanted to use it! I didn't want to wait. That's the next thing ill be doing. You would think that the company would do it for the price of them. I'm going to contact them and ask why they do not oil or stain them.

I'll let WKC what they say. :)

@MacEggs , @ctwhyme , @1911Ron , @MikeRocksTheRed , @3sSecurity , @kettlecook

So I talked to the Co-Founder of "KettlePizza" tonight. He "George Peters" call me personally! A very nice guy. He answered a few questions I had about why they do not stain the handles and what if your handles end up going bad because of this. He responded with an email that had some information I would like to share with everyone. He also mentioned they are open to comments and ideas about the product and to email Jill@afclancer1.com if you do.

His email said...

Thank you for reaching out to us so we can answer questions about the wood handles on the Made in USA KettlePizza. We, Al Contarino and I, did talk several times about staining the handles or to use some other type of finish. One challenge, our building is not ideal to have an area dedicated to do staining or to polyurethane the handles.   
We always liked the way the yellow pine handles looked after a finish sanding.  So thought we would leave it to KettlePizza customers to decide the finish they wanted for the handles. 

If any WKC member needs a new handle for their kit, please call our office or email us. We will be happy to replace it at NO CHARGE. Just let us know if you have the HOT (early edition) or the KETTLEPIZZA logo version so we can send the correct size handle.

 Our number is 888-205-1931 9AM-4:30PM EST or Email Jill@afclancer1.com 

Please pass along our sincere appreciation to all the members of the Weber Kettle Club for their opinions and suggestions. We love feedback from our customers and fans, keeps us on our toes!

Take care,
George Peters, Al Contarino
and KettlePizza Team

I think it was really nice of the guy to call me direct and not just send a stock email response. Talk about customer service!
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Re: Info on KettlePizza some may not know
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2016, 09:14:10 PM »
I like this a lot, and I don't even have a Kettle Pizza (yet)!
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