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Author Topic: We went to visit my sister in law in New Mexico  (Read 4255 times)


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Re: We went to visit my sister in law in New Mexico
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2014, 01:48:18 PM »
Wow.  That first shot is worthy of a postcard.  I too love showing up at loved ones places and cooking.  Nice wood handles it looks like sister has on her kettle.

Edit:  I really do like that first shot.  Saved it like I often do when I come across a exceptional shot of a Kettle.  Sometimes I make it my desktop shot on the computer.  Hope you don't mind:

Under abit of stress right now, doing a road trip tommorrow to the tip of Nova Scotia.....and found out my 2 week old cold has become pnemonia.  Looking at my computers just now put me in a happy place.  I think I understand at least part of the reason your sister moved.

Hope you heal up fast, MrHoss !
That wallpaper looks awesome !

Pinion-Juniper savanna, I think.
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