Custom Weber Ranch Kettle Rotisserie

Owner: Golly and Hogsy

Custom Mod: The Aussies developed a Custom Weber Ranch Kettle Rotisserie

Story: The crazy Aussie dynamic duo is at it again, this time with a custom Ranch Kettle Roti! The shaft sits on the bearings instead of on the slots in the ring, which in turn makes for some smooth roti action. The motor, (the most expensive part!) is fully encased with SS, weighs 8lbs, and can turn up to 90lbs. The motor is attached to the bracket by bolts and wing nuts for easy removal. The shaft is a 1 inch SS rod with 4 prongs. Sockets were used to connect the shaft to the motor. The charcoal baskets were made up from parts of an old kettle, as well as expanded metal and SS. Each basket holds over 2 chimneys worth of charcoal.

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  • P. Thompson Link Reply

    Where would one find that ring and rotisserie to buy?

  • It was custom made

    • Al Nellons Link Reply

      Where can I get that rotisserie ring for the Ranch kettle?


  • al nellons Link Reply

    Where can I buy and how much would it cost for the ring
    for the Ranch weber grill?

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